How to get more followers on Twitter

Basic rules to get more followers on social networks
Santiago, Chile.- Leaving aside the important premise of prioritizing quality over quantity, if you want to impress your next client with an account full of followers on social networks , especially on Twitter, you may be interested in following some basic tips to to get it.

It should be noted that these simple points to consider are useful Russia Phone Number List for both personal and business accounts, because they appeal to the abc’s of online communications.

Individualize yourself. When you open an account on any social network, the minimum required is a short biography, an image and a link (link) to your personal site. If you are interested in having many followers, you must complete all the fields that they ask you, so that you are totally individualized. Nobody likes to follow ghosts, unless they are very assertive people like the Chilean examples @elquenoaporta , with more than 120 thousand followers or @elpulento , who despite abandoning his account, still registers more than 3,500 followers. Forging that image takes too long.

Talk about you, but not so much. Your personal site is the place to post all your decorations and achievements. The rest of the social networks operate as communication channels, so it is recommended to listen rather than talk and talk about something other than yourself. Just like in ‘real’ life, there is nothing more boring than someone who is always self-referential.

Speak up but don’t get carried away by the verbiage. It is not necessary to comment on everything that appears in your TL. According to Dan Zarella, author of “The Hierarchy of Contagion” , when you look at those who have more than 1000 followers Phone Number List and compare them with those who have less than that number, you realize that the former respond much less to comments. That does not mean to stop responding to questions or direct comments. That is not being a guru, but a bad mannered.

Stop complaining You can be ironic about politics, economics, current affairs or entertainment, but when talking about yourself, your work or your emotions, avoid sadness, strong comments, negative feelings and bitterness. Followers are not your friends , they are people who, like you, are looking for a space to develop ideas or laugh for a while. People have too much trouble hearing more about others they don’t even know. If you want more followers, go ahead!

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