How to find professionals on Linkedin with Boolean searches

Nobody doubts that Linkedin is the platform par excellence not only to search for work, but to find candidates, collaborators, suppliers or partners for our company and, to make this work easier, we can use Boolean searches on Linkedin.
If there is a database of professionals from all sectors and positions that is updated Lebanon Mobile Database , it is Linkedin since, although some users do not get the most out of it, what is clear is that if they change their position, company, decide to undertake or have carried out new studies, they quickly update their Linkedin account.

how to search on Linkedin

If you are looking for a specific professional and you are tired of not really finding what you want, Boolean searches on Linkedin will help you find that person you are looking for more easily.

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Boolean searches are performed when we combine keywords with operators such as AND, NOT, and OR. (or in Spanish Y, NO or O)

When you want to perform a search, it is as simple as following these steps:

Searches in quotation marks : If you want to search for an exact phrase, include it in the Linkedin search engine in quotation marks. For example <Digital marketing teacher>. To be more exact, it is better not to put articles or prepositions.
NOT searches: Exclude results. If you want to carry out a special search but you want to exclude results, you just have to use the term NOT or NO between the words. For example <Digital marketing teacher NOT Marketing Director>
OR searches: When you want to expand the results of your search, use the term OR or OR (in capital letters). For example if you want to search for <Marekting Director OR Sales Director OR Advertising Director>. For these searches use the symbols <>
AND searches : If you want to search for professionals who meet several requirements, enter the word AND or AND (always in capital letters) between each of them. For example <Sales AND marketing AND advertising> and you will find the complete list that meets all the search words.
Searches in parentheses: If your search contains more complicated terms or abbreviations, you can combine terms using parentheses. For example, if you are looking for users who put “VP” in their profiles, but you want to exclude “VP assistant” or SVP, write VP NOT (assistant or SVP).
When managing searches, the general order of priority is:

Quotes [“”]
Parentheses [()]
Both NOT, and AND and OR, can also be used in Spanish

If you want to look for a job IN THAT LINK Linkedin gives you more guidelines on how to use these searches.

Without a doubt, just by using these Boolean searches our work will be easier when it comes to finding Brother Cell Phone List  the professionals that may really interest us.

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