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The basis of success for a digital marketing strategy is in the deep knowledge of our audience, but what is an audience? What is the definition of audience? How is an audience analysis performed? I usually say that, if we define the audience profile well, we have 50% of the strategy made.A correct definition of the audience profile represents 50% of the success of a Partners Email Lists strategy Whether we use the express recipe to define a marketing strategy , or if we choose the traditional methodology, the definition of the audience profile should be our priority.The definition of the audience and the audience profile consists of four phases:
Purchase Insight .Value proposition .Buyer person .Customer journey .
One of the challenges to define them correctly is the data sources that we have. It is possible to do this based on deduced or inferred data, although naturally the perfect thing is to base it on data that is as objective as possible. Although it is always better to do the first thing, than not to define the profile.
So “obsessed” I am with the subject, that my good friends from Audiense have let me try their tool (specifically Audiense Insights ) and the truth is that I have been amazed with the amount of information available to define and operate a global digital marketing strategy based on social media data .
I will use the data that Audiense gives me, but before starting I wanted to clarify that the power of the tool is not only in the ‘static’ analysis of the data, but in activating it to optimize our online marketing strategy, launching campaigns, creating micro audiences, etc.Practical case: how to define the audience profile or buyer persona of your audience
That is why I have decided to write this article (I anticipate that it will be a bit long), as a practical case to teach you how to define the buyer persona of a digital audience (in this case mine). Keep in mind that when making evaluations about the audience I always compare my audience with the global one in Spain.To do this, we start from the base scheme that I use to define it:
Definition of audience profile or buyer persona – Tristán Elósegui
Definition of profile in social networks of audience or buyer person – Tristán Elósegui
How is my audience on Twitter?Before a small definition of profile in social networks of my activity on Twitter. I have been a user since March 2009 . Twitter is my preferred social network along with Linkedin. And I use them intensively both.
twitter profile tristan elosegui march 2018Twitter profile Tristán Elósegui
Global vision of my followers on TwitterThe highlights of this global vision are:
Influencers : we can see the brands, people and media that most influence my audience.
Brands :,, MktFan and El País.
People : Juan Merodio and Juan Carlos Mejía.
Media : The Country, The World, Very Interesting and Mecca 2.0.Segments :
Technology and entrepreneurship: 66.9% .
Marketing and Social Media: 23.28%.
Marketing and Advertising: 4.87%.
Internet and Business – English speaking: 0.42%.
general profile audience Twitter Tristan Elosegui
Twitter audience general profile – Tristán ElóseguiUp to this point, the data we have analyzed allows us to understand the context in which the audience that follows me on Twitter moves. In addition to the demographic data and their profile, in this global vision the data on the biggest influencers is quite expected due to the recognition of the users.I find it very interesting to see that the largest segment is Technology and Entrepreneurship , rather than marketing or the like.Another fact that strikes me is how small the marketing universe is (of people who use marketing to describe themselves in their biographies), since marketing only represents 0.62% of Twitter profiles in Spain .Marketing only represents 0.62% of Twitter profiles in SpainIf we see it with a second level of analysis, new influencers appear, but we do not find great variations. In the next levels of analysis we begin to see data about his personality .Twitter audience segments tristan elosegui audienseWhat is the personality of Twitter users?I find this qualitative part of the report particularly interesting. Knowing your personality allows us to understand the best way to focus our messages to make them more effective. In addition to understanding our audience, we can compare it with the global profile of Twitter. In my case the big differences are seen in the axes: ‘ open ‘ and ‘ conscientious ‘. In the comparison you can see that they are less open and conscientious than the average. This is normal, since we compare with the whole of Twitter where we find much more general profiles.personality twitter audience tristan elosegui audiense

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What factor influences the most when buying on Twitter? What is your buying behavior?
One of the most important sections of an audience profile is knowing the purchasing habits of our future customers.
We need to understand which channels they turn to, what influences them the most, the influence of campaigns, etc. when making the purchase decision.
This section of the buyer person is especially well treated in Audiense . In the case of an analysis focused on Twitter, it is normal that the most important channel is social networks, what is enormously surprising is the lower weight of friends and family.behavior purchase audience twitter tristan elosegui audiensePerhaps because they are a more “technological” audience than the global one in Spain, they tend to compensate for this important factor, relying more on the search for information on the Internet (this channel does not appear in the study ) and this makes them trust less in the networks social, online advertising and to have the clearest ideas about the brand they are looking for beyond the functionalities of the product.
When buying they have several curious behaviors if we compare them with the global sample.
What is the buying behavior of Twitter users? What makes them take the last step and how do they take it?In this section they further refine the analysis and show us:
Payment method.Response to marketing campaigns (not just paid advertising).
Buying compulsiveness.Response to targeted ads.
buyer profile twitter audience tristan elosegui audienseThe most remarkable thing is that my audience is much more inclined to respond to a marketing campaign and less likely to make compulsive purchases.
How do Twitter users consume content? What are the most relevant social networks for them?
Content is one of the pillars of any online strategy. Whether by generating traffic and conversions through organic traffic or as part of an inbound DE Phone Number strategy , content is one of our best weapons to build trust and engage with our audience.
In this sense, the most important conclusions would be:
They share and do more ‘ likes ‘ than the average.
The most relevant social network for them is Pinterest: perhaps because it is a niche social network, it has a higher percentage of users among people with this profile.

They are most active on Wednesdays from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m.
engagement twitter audience tristan elosegui audiense
Most active day and time on Twitterengagement twitter audience tristan elosegui audienseEngagement on Twitter
social networks twitter audience tristan elosegui audiense
Social networks most related to the Twitter audience
What are the preferred online and offline media for Twitter users?
To complete the report (there are many more things, but I only take the highlights for not lengthening the article even more), it guides us on which are the preferred online and offline media of our related digital newspaper audience twitter tristan elosegui audiensePress with the highest audience affinity
elated radio audience twitter tristan elosegui audienseRadios with the highest audience affinity
television tv related audience twitter tristan elosegui audiense
Televisions with the highest audience affinity
related digital media audience twitter tristan elosegui audiense
Digital media with the highest audience affinityTo do this analysis and put it into practice, I recommend viewing it by audience segments and even creating new segments.
By creating these audiences in definition, Audiense also allows you to launch campaigns on Twitter and gives you the parameters to enrich the campaigns on Facebook and Instagram .
Once the main points of the audience analysis report have been reviewed in definition, we can use all this information to create the audience profile according to the scheme that I put in the beginning.Audience profile or Twitter buyer personaI will do the practical download by combining the global profile of my audience on Twitter and a supposed Spanish clothing ecommerce . Obviously it is not the correct way to do it , but this is how I show you an example that you can all imagine and not my strategy that is not of great interest.Even so, before showing you the audience profile that I have prepared, you have two important notes to apply it to a real case:Adapt the details to the strategy : based on the available data, you should see the best way to take those that best suit the company and the strategy you are defining. That is, if your company is a fashion ecommerce as in the example and in the data it talks about fashion, trends, online shopping, etc. look with particular interest at these data.Define the profiles of the main segments : define 2-3 profiles based on the most important segments. Usually from the third or fourth they start to be less interesting profiles.Twitter audience profile tristan elosegui – case study If you put this methodology (based on data from Twitter or the sources you have), I recommend that when you have this complete profile, you print it and keep it in mind every time you think of a marketing action.

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