How to define a personal strategy in social networks

In the presentation that opened the second edition of the “ CajaSol ​​Foundation in a tweet ” cycle, one of the objectives of this cycle was to improve the image we project and increase employability. So I thought it was a good time to return to a topic that is always interesting for people who are just starting out or want to get better out of social media : how can I use social media to my benefit? How to define a social media strategy ?At the end of the article you have the presentation, the video and the photos of the event.For this I resorted to a methodology to carry out a strategy in social networks that I defined some time ago and that I updated for the occasion.As a starting point, I began by briefly describing the current approach to social Canadian CEO Email Lists , the points that concern me the most and I gave them as an example a recent UNICEF campaign that talks about the risks of misuse of social networks ( #NoSeasEstrella ) :

I also talked about the consequences that these trends are having on the evolution of social networks .
The vast majority of professionals or future professionals are in one way or another on social networks. The problem is that on many occasions they have done it out of inertia and without proposing a strategy in social networks with a clear objective. This has led to an unproductive use or in the worst case, to having more than one problem.Check the current status of your profiles on social networksBefore proposing our digital strategy in social reeds, it is necessary to carry out a personal audit of social networks, I propose a brief 5-step methodology:Define our digital identity.Eliminate everything that does not add value .Separate personal life from professional (we need a “private” place where we can be ourselves 100%).Optimize processes.Measure and optimize.
Define your Personal Social Media Plan

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To do so, I start from the methodology to define a digital strategy in social networks or Social Media Plan for a company and adapt it to the situation of a professional who wants to take advantage of social networks to strengthen their digital reputation or start a business.The methodology to define a personal social media plan has 6 steps:
Digital identity map .
Definition of the audience profile .
Definition of objectives .
Definition of movement in social DE Phone Number .
Definition of the strategy .
Definition of the tactical plan.
Measurement and optimization (it’s off the plan, but critical to your success).
In the links that I have left you above you can see detailed information about each thing. Here is the presentation , the video and some of the photos of the event, where you have a summarized version .
How to optimize your personal and professional strategy in social networks from Tristán Elósegui

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