How to Create an Automatic Email Campaign from a Crm

In the first place, Communication between companies. And their customers via email. Continues to be one of the main. Forms of interaction; however, thanks to new technologies it is easier. To create successful campaigns. In just a few steps. Today we will talk about how to create an automatic email campaign from a CRM . CRMs have become increasingly popular in the business world thanks to their good results in building good relationships with customers. In the first place, implies working in all phases of the business relationship, from recruitment to after-sales support. This of course includes marketing actions that seek to attract customers to the funnel and keep them interested in the brand. Email Marketing allows you to send advertising content, information or offers to the different contacts of the company.

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How can we use a CRM to automate our email marketing campaigns? Let’s review some key points. Steps to create automated email campaigns automatic email campaign from a CRM The first step is to define the email marketing strategy that you want to implement, taking into account your type of brand and clients. At this stage you must set your goals and how to achieve them; You must also determine what type of content you are Jamaica Phone Number List going to design and which contacts from your company you will include in the campaign.

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You must also configure the day. Or time in which these will be sent. This action must be carried out. Strategically. Once you have configured all the parameters. The crm will do the rest of the work. By sending the emails. To the different users at the scheduled times. In the first place, The last step is to monitor the campaign , and for that you have performance graphs provided DE Phone Number by the CRM. Impulsa CRM allows you to manage your email marketing campaigns with dozens of actions that can be easily automated. Thus, your campaigns are more effective and can be completed more quickly, achieving an increase in overall productivity. We show you below in a 2-minute video how you can take advantage of the Impulsa CRM options in your company today.

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