How to Advertise on Instagram: A Guide to Making Ads Effective in 2021

The advertising Instagram is the new way to reach the audience that increasingly unwilling to tolerate conventional ads.

They will only react as we want if we offer them a personalized selection, based on their real interests.

By directly targeting our target audience, we all win:

Us because our resources are well used
They, seeing advertising that they find interesting and relevant, which can later be translated into a purchase
Advertising on Instagram is not as complicated as you think and in this guide I am going to teach you the essentials you need to know to take your first steps.

First we will see the technical part and then the strategic part, since it is not enough just to know how to create ads.

By this I mean that our advertising on Instagram must also be effective , that is, it must achieve results in accordance with our objectives. Shall we start?

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Index of contents
How advertising works in Instagram Ads for businesses
If you have a Saudi Arabia Phone Number List but have never been interested in the online world, the first thing you should do in addition to a website, is to open a Facebook page of the company.

Even if you are only interested in Instagram and do not want to advertise on Facebook, you will need it, even if you do not use it as a page.

As you may know, in 2012 Facebook bought Instagram so both platforms are closely related internally.

Facebook is very interested in companies wanting to invest in their advertising, so little by little they have been adding more functions to offer a more complete and positive experience.

In this way, companies that have already tried it want to repeat and, at the same time, add new ones.

Difference between a promotion and an Instagram ad
There are two main ways Phone to advertise on Instagram. The first and simplest is through the ‘promote’ button.

In order to carry it out, we must have a company or creator account on Instagram linked to our Facebook page.

Once this is done, we will choose the publication that we want to promote on Instagram and we will click the button.

Instagram itself will take us through a series of very simple and intuitive windows to configure the characteristics of the promotion.

promote on instagram promote on instagram promote on instagram promote on instagram

However, with this form we do not have all the control and options that we can have with the second method.

This second way is through the Facebook Ads Manager in Business Manager , which is the same tool used to create ads on this platform.

In this case, our ads will be much better targeted and we will be able to see more complete statistics.

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It is the most recommended and professional way to make ads on Instagram and it is the one that we will see in detail in this article.

Formats and types of advertising on Instagram
Instagram ads can be located in 3 different places: the Feed, Stories and the ‘Explore’ section.

The formats that the Facebook administrator allows us to use for advertising on Instagram are the following:

Scrolling sequence of images or videos. The tool itself offers you templates to create presentations. It is available for all 3 locations.
A single image or video , or a presentation with several images also through templates. With just one creative we can already make an announcement. It is also available for all 3 locations.
Collection or group of articles that opens in full screen. It is only available for the Instagram Feed and for specific purposes.

How to advertise on Instagram step by step
Before you start, you should know the hierarchy that the Facebook ad manager uses.

The largest unit is the campaign, which is made up of ad sets, which in turn are made up of ads.

Understanding this will help us when setting up our advertising.

As with Instagram promotions, one of the requirements to create Instagram ads with the Facebook Ads Manager is to have a company or creator profile.

You can check or change it in the ‘Settings’ -> ‘Account’ section of your Instagram.

Once done, follow these steps:

1. Link your Instagram account with your Facebook page
This step is very simple. Enter your Facebook page, click on ‘Settings’ in the upper right and then ‘Instagram’ on the left sidebar.

Log in with your Instagram account and… they are already linked!

link instagram account to facebook page

2. Create your campaign
Now we will enter our ad manager or Ads Manager and select the guided creation option, since it is easier to start.

Then, in the ‘Campaigns’ tab , we will click ‘Create’ and a new view will open.

create campaign manager facebook ads

What we must determine in this step is the objective of our campaign. This will make the campaign target people who are more likely to meet that goal.

objectives facebook ads

One of the most common objectives is to bring traffic to our website, but we can choose any other taking into account that the following are available for Instagram according to their locations:

table of objectives locations advertising formats on instagram

TIP: If you have any doubts about what each goal means, hover over the ‘i’ that appears next to each goal in the ad manager.
After choosing the objective and before moving on to the next section, we will name our campaign.

We will also uncheck the ‘Campaign budget optimization’ option , as we will define this better in ‘Budget and calendar’ later.

3. Create your ad set
Regardless of the objective you have chosen, there are 3 sections that are always within the ‘Ad Set’ , which are ‘Audience’ , ‘Locations’ and ‘ Budget and calendar’ .

You can access this section through the left sidebar of the page.

ad set

If you have any other sections, check them out to make sure it’s in line with your actual goal and name your ad set.

Regarding the segmentation of audiences, there are 3 main types: saved, personalized and similar.

It will be helpful to have previously defined our buyer persona and even to have created the audience from the Business Manager before creating the campaign.

Therefore, although they can be created from the Ads Manager itself, I recommend doing it from the ‘Public’ section of the Business Manager.

You can access it from the previous link or in the 3 horizontal bars in the upper left.

Remember to open it in a new tab so you don’t lose the campaign you were creating.

There, we will click on ‘Create audience’ and select the type of audience we want.

create public facebook

➡️ A saved audience

It is the one that we determine with demographic characteristics, interests and / or behaviors.

create save audience Facebook

However, the other two types of audiences are more interesting and effective.

➡️ A personalized audience

It is created with people who have already interacted with your company in some way: offline, visiting your website, watching a video from your Instagram, etc.

Except for those that specifically refer to Facebook pages and events, they all apply to Instagram.

create custom facebook audience

You can add internal information yourself or use data collected by Facebook from those interactions.

Keep in mind that to use this latest data it is necessary that you have previously installed the Facebook pixel.

One of the most interesting options for advertising on Instagram is that of people who visited or interacted with your profile or ad.

➡️ A similar audience

It is created from a custom one. To do this, Facebook looks for people who have interests and behaviors similar to that of the personalized audience you give them.

The smaller the% DE Phone Number, the more it will resemble our source audience.

create similar audience facebook

Once we have created the audiences, we can add them in the ads manager, taking into account that it is possible to make combinations.

That is, include and exclude audiences, which helps us optimize our resources.

Now, in the ‘Locations’ section we will click on ‘Manual locations’ and we will select only those from Instagram, which are the ones that interest us in this case.

manual instagram locations

If we want our ad to appear only in Stories, for example, we can uncheck the locations of the Feed and the ‘Explore’ section.

In ‘Budget and calendar’ , in ‘optimization for the delivery of announcements’ , you will choose the event that most interests you from the people who see the announcement.

In this section you can also determine if your budget is daily or total and its amount, in addition to other options such as the start and end dates.

4. Create your ad
In the ‘Ad’ section of the left sidebar, we will name our ad and choose its format from among those mentioned at the beginning of the article.

instagram ads ad formats

We will add the necessary multimedia content and text.

In the event that you ask us, we will also put the destination to which we want the ad and the call to action to take.

Remember that not all formats are always available. They will vary depending on the location and objective of the campaign.

It should be noted that you also have a tab with the option to create an ad for Instagram using an existing publication.

use existing post instagram ads

All Instagram ads will appear with the ‘Advertisement’ icon.

When configuring our ad we will have a preview of it on the right to see how it looks before publishing it.

instagram ad preview

When we have completed and reviewed everything, we will click ‘Confirm’ at the end of the ‘Announcement’ section and publish the campaign.

5. Measure the results
We cannot forget this part, since it is what can make us progressively improve our results.

We have to measure and monitor our campaigns to be able to analyze what works for us and what doesn’t.

To do this, we can go to the ad manager and with the ‘Campaigns’ tab activated, open the ‘Columns’ drop-down and click on ‘Customize columns …’ .

There, we will leave the metrics that we are most interested in seeing.

customize columns manager facebook ads

For a better organization and control of the results, the Business Manager also has a section of personalized advertising reports that we can configure and save.

Tips for creating effective Instagram ads
Now that you know how to create Instagram Ads advertising campaigns, you should know that you are not going to magically sell the first time with your ads.

For your advertising on Instagram to be effective, it is not enough just to know how to configure campaigns, you need to have an appropriate strategy for your business.

Only in this way will you be able to obtain good results and improve and optimize your campaigns according to your resources.

Here are some tips to help you start from a step higher than most.

1) Know and analyze your audience advice knows analyzes target audience buyer persona
It is the first step before anything else. You must determine who your buyer persona is, that is, your ideal client prototype who is interested in your products or services.

The more detailed this is, the more you can fine-tune in your campaigns.

2) Install the Facebook Pixel advice install pixel from facebook
In case you don’t already know, the Facebook pixel is a code that you add to your website so that it captures information about the users who visit it.

With this data, you can create custom audiences and analyze their behavior.

3) Run Test A / B tests test advice ab test
You have to allocate part of the budget to testing and A / B tests are great to find out what is working.

Thus, we will discard and select where we put our budget.

4) Take advantage of remarketing remarketing retargeting tip
Remarketing consists of directing your ads to people who have already interacted with us.

This marketing technique is used in the most effective strategies, combined with sales funnels that also include a lead magnet and email marketing.

5) The 20% text rule tip 20 text ads facebook
Facebook usually takes about 24 hours to approve or reject a campaign, so you must be proactive.

One of the things you have to know is that the images you use in your ads should not have more than 20% text.

6) Create your own and recognizable style style tip
Take care of the visual and creative part of your ads (including the copy!) And make sure there is coherence between all of them.

Thus, if they recognize us, we break that initial barrier caused by ads and make our image more solid in the user’s mind.

7) organic advertising organic advertising share ad
If our ad is shared, it reaches more people without having to invest more.

Therefore, make content attractive that people willingly want to share and interact with. You can even ask for it in the ad itself.

infographic tips effective ads instagram

25 accounts of specialists in Instagram Ads
Finally, I present to you the Instagram accounts of the best Digital Traffickers , which is another way of calling people who are dedicated to advertising on social networks.

These experts can help you with your advertising on Instagram and are references to follow in a sector in which there are still not many.

Have you already created your first advertising campaign on Instagram?
I hope you liked this article and, above all, that it has been useful as a guide. For anything, you can leave me a comment below

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