How Online Shoppers Seek Ideas and Inspiration

With the advance of time, our way of interacting with brands changes. Beyond our degree of proximity and knowledge of the brand, it is the evolution in the use of the Internet and mobile phones as a means of access, which is most influencing this transformation.
This means that brands must adapt their strategy to ensure that their messages reach their audience and are relevant .What changes in communication with brands has the arrival of the Internet generated?
I am not going to go back to the beginnings of the Internet to tell things that you already know, but I would like to highlight the most important changes.The communication company- client has completely changed.Communication is bidirectional, customers are well informed and are less loyal to brands, the offer is greater (therefore competition has increased ), communication channels (web, email, social networks ) have increased and the ways of access to the information.
In short, things have become more complex and therefore much more interesting for those of us who are dedicated to VP Administration Email Lists.

How have smartphones changed the way we access information and interact with brands?
Another stream of change is generated by new ways of using our smartphones as they evolve and connection speed increases.Mobile phones have gone from being a telephone and an agenda, to being a small laptop with a telephone.This has caused its uses to go from telephone communication and the specific consultation of information / services, to intensive use for a multitude of situations that is even affecting our way of relating to others (and causing certain problems).
Until recently it made sense to define a marketing strategy for mobile phones , but nowadays the mobile phone is so integrated in our lives and its use is so intensive that it no longer makes sense to differentiate between mobile and digital channels .

VP of Administration Email Lists

Along this path, from a DE Phone Number point of view, we have been analyzing the role of smartphones in the purchasing process .At first it was more specific information consultation and the purchase was made from the computer (greatly simplifying the detail of its use), but with the increase in the size of the screen, the increase in connection speed and its greater use, its role has been changing.Every time it is used in a more relaxed and prolonged way, to search for products, be inspired to buy, read, buy, watch videos, etc. etc. uses previously almost restricted to the computer and the tablet .That is why I find the new data on its use in the purchase process especially important.
I leave you a brief Google infographic on the role of smartphones when buying where you can see how their uses are changing so that you can see howMore and more, the mobile phone is a tool for the inspiration phase that starts the purchase decision making .
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