How far will we go?

A moment ago I entered Elmundo s and I found a really impressive creativity. The truth is that I had not seen such a good Interstitial + Reminder combination in a long time . For this part, congratulations to Philippines Phone Number List  the medium and the advertiser.But this has made me think about the path that the display is taking. In general terms, what usually happens is that when a format, at the market level, runs out (stops being clicked, stops converting, etc.) it ends up disappearing (for example: , etc.), and we have to look for other formats to break the ” blind effect ” that occurs.

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Formats are becoming larger and more disruptive to user browsing (it is true that other more integrated formats are also used and therefore less “annoying” for the user, but these are currently a minority). In De Phone Number , the use of them, on some websites, is indiscriminate (they put interstitials on all pages, drop-down formats, layers, etc. etc. and all at once!)

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