Horchatería Dolz shares with us his experience in Social Media

I’ve known Juan, the owner of Horchatería Dolz, an establishment located in Valencia, the land of horchata par excellence, for a year now, and I really can’t stop admiring his strength, his drive and his desire to adapt to new forms of communication.

Each link that falls into his hands, each post, each new tool he tests it and if it seems effective he puts it into practice right then and there.

There are times when I think that Juan does not sleep because, with his perseverance, he is placing himself at the forefront and he is an example that many SMEs should focus on.

On Twitter it is @HorchateriaDolz and it already has 1,267 followers Egypt Mobile Database with whom it maintains a fluent conversation every day.


Creation of an online store, sending the product to bloggers so that they can check its magnificent quality, special cocktails dedicated to friends … in short, I will not advance you any more, we better let Juan Dolz, already known in the networks as “el horchatero”, tell us about his first person experience.

Since when has Horchatería Dolz been present in Social Media?

The profile was created on a personal level in 2007, the use was practically nil, until we saw that something had to be done, we had to reinvent ourselves, so in 2011 for the month of May, we decided to change the personal profile to a professional profile, being a great success.

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What prompted you to start using social media?

The need to do something different, since due to the circumstances we live in, the work is no longer what it was, seeing a very great possibility of making ourselves known.

What networks and channels are you active on?

We are present on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare, Youtube, Linkedin, and we are beginning to investigate Tout, a network that is very interesting to publicize our products in 15-second videos.

Do you talk with the users of the platforms or do you just inform about Brother Cell Phone List  your products?

Of course yes, it is also a satisfaction to see how people respond to any product or novelty that we present, since we are in networks thanks to the people, we have not stopped creating novelties, which we are incorporating into our product menu.

Do you share information from other sectors from your profile that has nothing to do with yours?

We share all the content that we find interesting, the most beautiful thing is to share content that in one way or another has served us a lot, and from which we have learned a lot.

Do you have a website and / or blog?

That’s right, we have a mixture of the two, we have content where we make known everything related to natural horchata (history, conservation, tigernut cultivation, healthy properties, etc …) and we also assiduously share all our news and experiences in 2.0.


Who is in charge of managing the profiles on Social Networks?

We manage it ourselves, with a lot of effort and great enthusiasm.



Of the actions that you carry out every day on Social Media, which are the ones that have had the most impact on users?

The ones that are having the most impact is when you present a new product, a new idea, people welcome it with great enthusiasm, which gives us strength to continue on the same path.

We have observed that you are very proactive when it comes to participating in events.Can you tell us what they contribute to you?

They give us everything, you put a face to the people who give you many things in the 2.0 world, in events you turn it into 1.0 where you can put in common many things that we may see very black and there you see a way out.

The confidence in the events is such that as a result of Talentos en Red, created by @prviva being the first in # CuencaEncontra2, we took the lead by organizing # ValEncontra2 on July 21, supporting as necessary for future meetings, which will take place on August 25 at # GonzalvoEncontra2 (Rubielos de Mora), and another at # GredosEncontra2 (Candeleda-Avila) with no exact date.


Do you take into account the opinion of users to make communication decisions or design of products and / or activities?

Of course, we are getting a lot of help from exceptional people on the networks, without whom many of the actions we are carrying out would not be possible without them.

Have you noticed a change in perception in the image of the company since you started your activity in social media?

Like from heaven to earth, a little over a year ago, our presence in 2.0 was practically nil, as a result of entering the networks the change is abysmal, reaching levels that we had never imagined.

Can you give us a percentage of increase in sales, participation, traffic, perception of the brand …?

Sales have increased between 10 and 20%, mainly due to new customers arriving from social networks and sales in our online store, reaching 5,500 visits on our website.


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