Guide to choosing a mouse for graphic design

As a graphic designer, you surely spend many hours in front of the computer. For this reason, we should pay more attention to each and every one of. The accessories that accompany it, not only to do our job better. But also so that we are more comfortable during long hours. And, possibly, one of the pieces of hardware that we spend the least time choosing is the mouse on our computer. On many occasions, we choose the cheapest. The one that we find most beautiful, or even the one that they give us when we buy our device. But this is not always the best choice. Long-term mouse use is one of the main reasons for wrist and elbow injuries.

Features to consider when buying a mouse

This is due both to poor posture, but also to photo retouching service the fact that we may not be using the most appropriate mouse for our hand size, grip shape, or workspace. That is why we wanted to make a small guide of concepts to take into account when you go to buy a mouse, taking into account different variables that you may never have stopped to think about , and that have a common goal: to make the mouse a extension of your hand, offer all the options you need in your day to day, and that is not a cause of pain and discomfort, which is not little. First of all, we are going to make a list of key points that we must take into account when buying a mouse.

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Possibility of changing DPI with a certain ergonomics

Let’s see five important points, and other DE Phone Number minor ones that, depending on the situation of each person, may also be essential. grip type It is something that many will not have noticed, but not all of us grab the mouse in the same way. Let’s see what they are: Palm grip / Palm grip – is the most widespread, and the most beneficial for our wrist. In this grip we almost completely support the hand, both the palm and the fingers, on the mouse. This causes the movement to be made through the arm, and to a lesser extent, the wrist. For this type of grip, mice with a bulging back part, which has the shape of our palm, are recommended. Finger grip / Fingertip grip – in this grip.

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