Great initiative of the joint Social Media Campaign of Asturian SMEs

It is great to see how SMEs are not throwing in the towel despite the crisis.

In the face of adversity, they grow and seek creative formulas for, sharing and making alliances, to be able to captivate consumers and be stronger.

Today I bring you the Contest that Triptou , La Guarde , Yenatural and Adarsa Grupo (official Mercedes Benz dealer) have launched on Facebook .

To spread it, they have also used YouTube, Twitter and Google+ channels.

Contestants will only have to be fans of Triptou and La Guarde and Sri-Lanka Mobile Database answer a few simple questions.

But how have they presented the contest?

Each brand makes its product available to the contestants, to offer a round and complementary prize.Sri Lanka Mobile Number List

Do you want to win an all-inclusive weekend in Asturias? In a beautiful hotel, with meals and dinners paid for, with a Mercedes at your disposal and a Triptou guide to visit some places with your family … ”

In this way, the contest becomes more relevant and notorious and also covers all the needs of the winner on their trip, with a cost distributed among the four SMEs and perfectly manageable since Brother Cell Phone List  it is about making their own products and services available without incurring expenses additional.

A great promotion that teaches us that:

“If instead of dividing and competing among ourselves we join forces, we will be much more powerful”

Hopefully many other companies take note and implement actions in Social Media as creative as this one.

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