Google presents the Consumer Barometer 2015

The tool offers advertisers, agencies and journalists up-to-date knowledge from 56 countries on consumer habits on the Internet. ksa telephone directory today launched the Consumer Barometer 2015 , the most comprehensive free tool for planners who want to understand and compare Internet usage around the world. Now in its fifth edition, it is the best tool of its kind in terms of size and scope, in addition to the depth of the questions it contains, allowing to compare the habits of individuals from 56 countries in digital mobility, video and shopping. These are the most outstanding data in Spain:81% of Spaniards who connect to the Internet do so through a mobile phone. In fact, Spaniards use smartphones more than computers and, above all, this behavior is more general among younger users.In Spain, the Internet was used in 57% of purchases to search for prices, find the address of a business, find out the availability of a product, etc.The percentage of video viewed from mobile phones (32%) is also higher than that accessed from a computer (28%) or tablet (26%). 71% of Spanish Internet users watch online videos at least once a week, and that figure increases to 93% in the case of those under 35 years of age.Google created the Consumer Barometer to provide merchants with the latest consumer insights to support planning in a rapidly changing digital environment. Anyone can use this free tool to create and download personalized data and market-specific information, insights that can help users discover a host of things: from how often we connect to the Internet to the number of connected devices we use. we have, how we investigate what we want to buy, how we make purchases on the Internet, the influence of online video on our shopping habits or the differences between generations and the various behaviors on the Internet.


There are currently 20 vertical sectors included in the Barometer, including: clothing and footwear, electrical appliances, flights, hotels, cosmetics and groceries, to which new ones will be added. Two other new features – local searches and international shopping – have been included to help provide a deeper understanding of consumer studies and shopping behaviors.Alison Fennah, Executive Business Advisor for IAB Europe, points out about the tool that “from our position in the digital business industry, demonstrating the value of digital advertising through leading studies is one of IAB Europe’s priorities. In an ever-evolving digital media environment, increasing our knowledge of consumer behavior is of increasing importance. The De Phone Number Barometer provides a wealth of information about digital media use, content and information. consumer services, essential knowledge for any trader, both locally and globally. ”


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