What Is Google Plus (Google +)? Google’s Social Network

Stop tweeting. Abandon your instagram account… The social network that is going to kill you in the coming years is google plus or google +. If you want to save characters. Well. Actually google plus has been with us for a while. But its presence has gone unnoticed by ordinary mortals. In fact. Today it is considered one of google’s failed projects. So why should you care what google + is ? Well. Because you never know when this social network will become really relevant and when that time comes. It is better to be prepared. What is google plus? In a nutshell. Google + is google’s social network. Which began its journey in june 2011. Actually. Its operation is very similar to that of facebook.

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Which is also its great curse because many people college email address list that to use a better copy keep the original. How to use google plus? To join google+ you need to have a google account. If you want you can do it in the home page is very similar to that of facebook. With the latest posts from your friends and people you follow. The way your contacts are organized is in circles. There are four types of circles: friends. Family. Acquaintances. Following (people you don’t know but are interested in following). You can add a new contact to any of these circles. Or create custom circles. In google plus (again the same as in facebook) there are also “fan” pages and groups. So it is another promotion channel to consider if you hve a business. Google + has tried to get people to use it.

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For example. It is an essential requirement to have a profile there in order to create a youtube account (although it seems that this requirement is going to be removed). Let’s say it’s like the insurance that you are DE Phone Number to take out when you ask for a mortgage and that you don’t even use afterwards. But breaking a spear in favor of google plus must be said that if it has any difference with facebook: google hangouts. A video chat option and the possibility of offering videoconferences. At the moment google plus is still sleeping. Frequented only by those who want to please the search engine (it is believed that the presence in google plus improves positioning). But who knows what will happen when the dragon wakes up?

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