Google Page Rank: Dead Or Just Gone?

There are many who come to complain that the page rank of their websites has not moved in months. And i always put on a face of circumstance and inform them that nothing has been known about google’s page rank for some time and that. If it continues like this. There will be no other option but to leave it for dead. And it is that the page rank situation reminds me a lot of those hikers who get lost in the mountains and with the passage of time the hopes of finding them alive fade. His death cannot be proven. Since there is no body. But the death ends up being due to discontent. Sorry for the gloomy example i’ve given. But i’m going to tell you the reasons why i fear the fatal outcome of page rank.

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Why i think google page rank is dead (and won’t managers email list back) perhaps the thing shouldn’t have caught anyone by surprise. In 2009. Google already removed pagerank data from google webmaster tools. Perhaps a good sign of what was about to come. Another sign that google has been thinking about ending page rank for some time is that its updates have been decreasing in frequency. So if in 2006 the page rank was updated up to 8 times; in 2012. 4; and in 2013 only 2. The last page rank update was in december 2013. And the ultimate proof. John mueller. Google’s webmaster trends analyst. Stated in january 2014 that google’s page rank hadn’t been updated for over a year and there were no plans to do so.

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Not updating it is an euphemism. It means that they let google’s page rank die as if it were a patient who was taken off life support (wow. I’mDE Phone Number today). But why has google stopped promoting page rank? According to the gossips. Those at google were fed up with the black hats selling and buying links to websites with a high page rank in order to inflate their search engine results. You already know that google doesn’t mess around when it comes to addressing bad practices. What do you think about the disappearance of google’s page rank ? Do you think it will come back one day? Leave your opinion and let’s open the debate.

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