Google+ layout changes

After 8 months of life, Google+ surprises us with a quite significant design change that until today it had not noticed.

We are already used to the successive changes in Facebook, which only during the past year entertained us messing around the platform more than five times, trying to find out each of the news so that we can later use and share them.

Google+ makes it easy for us, as soon as we open and click Turkey Mobile Database on our profile we already perceive the new configuration and the changes in the navigation between the profile and the pages (very similar to Facebook) and by clicking on Home it shows us an explanatory video, although it does We prefer to invite us to take the tour, indicating what has changed and reviewing all the functionalities that already existed.

The first thing we find is that the icons have changed places, now they are in a column on the left side of the page. Thumbnail images take relevance and the avatar is displayed on the right side.

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Now we can change the photo of our profile, choosing if we want 5 small photos to appear in the template or just one (the size must be 940 x 180 pixels, otherwise it will not allow uploading), if we choose the second option the avatar will be integrated into the big picture which is very similar in appearance to the Facebook covers

The circles have also changed places. They are now displayed on the right and the icon in the left column.

It is much easier to see the updates of our circles. At the top we can choose Brother Cell Phone List what we want to read just by clicking on the tab.

Pages that are not profiles have their own icon at the end of the column and pressing will show us all the pages associated with your gmail account.

Now we can also adjust the amount of information we want to show on the page just by moving the cursor along the bar.

Changes that do not affect functionality but do make navigation easier.

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