Genius Awards 2010

Last September, I wrote a post about Augmented Reality , since after knowing the process in depth, I understood the possibilities that open up in new forms of communication and therefore in interactive advertising Albania Phone Number List on all media.

Today I am pleasantly surprised to see the video of the 2010 Genio Vocento Awards , where one of the awards has been given to Carlsberg (Grupo Mahou San Miguel) por su campaña de Realidad Virtual realizada por Media Planning.

When these awards were born in 2006, all of us who worked in the Vocento advertising team were confident that this would be the leitmotif: Rewarding innovation in creativity and new ways of communicating.

I think this year the award has been more than Phone Number List deserved.

Congratulations to Carlsberg, the creative agency and Media Planning, for opening a new way of integrating advertising, creativity and new technologies applied to print media.

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