Gen Z displaces millennials as the new big target for brands

Consumer behavior is constantly changing, especially in the case of younger generations. And it is precisely the users that make up this customer profile who are attracting the most attention from brands and companies in recent times. This is because it will be the consumer of the future, so these organizations must know not only their purchasing habits, but also their interests, concerns and motivations.

Specifically, we are talking about generation Z, the public stratum that is made up of the demographic group born between 1994 and 2010, which represents 25.9% of the world population and who come to succeed saudi arabia phone number as the most user profile desired by sellers. However, the path that is presented to companies to conquer these consumers is not easy, since it is a user profile very marked by the historical context that they have lived through, which makes them differentiate themselves notably from their ” older brothers, “millennials.And it is that if the millennial generation is defined by its hyperconnected character, tendency to overuse new technologies and worship of themselves, in the case of generation Z a totally different category of consumer is presented. This is due, in part, to the conditioning that his date of birth and subsequent growth has entailed. Thus, the members of this generation are marked by the economic crisis, by a world threatened by terrorism and have been bombarded with messages about the need to care for the environment.

The sum of all these factors means that the members of Generation Z, according to a recent study carried out by JWT, are considered a sensitive consumer, committed and aware of the world in which they live, characteristics that condition their behavior, which seeks to change the reality that has lived.Some features that brands and advertisers have to take note of, although this company’s research goes further when it comes to determining the complex work that companies have in this regard. In fact, members of Generation Z are characterized by more important traits: their ambiguity and contradiction.


In fact, research shows that members of Gen Z are just as or more hyper-connected than De Phone Number . Thus, this study found that 86% of young people born after 1994 use their smartphones several times a day despite the fact that 79% of those surveyed recognized that they spend too much time connected to these devices.Similarly, although television continues to be a powerful means of communication to influence the purchasing behaviors of these young people, the study reveals that although 69% watch it for more than two hours a day, a higher percentage, 70% He noted that he watched video content on YouTube daily for longer than on the small screen.

Consumption habits that are transferred to the field of shopping since according to JWT, although members of generation Z recognize that they are just as happy shopping online in 68% of cases, 67% of them indicated that they prefer to make their purchases through physical stores.However, for this company the challenge of brands with respect to these new consumers is through the Internet and being able to combine the concerns of younger users with the possibilities offered by new technologies. Thus, there are already many brands that are committed to communicating with the youngest through the social platforms that they frequent in addition to the tools of greatest interest to them.

This is the recent case of the campaign carried out by the company Taco Bell, which has already been encouraged to develop a campaign through Periscope, the streaming video recording and dissemination tool developed by Twitter. To do this, it carried out the development of the launch of its new product through this space, using a series of news items in which tweeters were offered a gift if they came to their premises on a specific date.Despite the recentness of the campaign, this was a success and marks a new form of communication between companies and younger consumers. It remains to be seen if they get to know their needs and interests in depth and are capable of developing campaigns according to them.

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