Featured Snippets: How to get position 0 from Google

SEO is a mix between war and meritocracy. Everyone wants to win, get more clicks than competitors, appear higher in search results and… get to position 0! But … that what is ‘what is’? , what would grandmother say. If until now you haven’t heard of f eatured snippets , put your ear if you want to listen to our podcast, or your eyes if you prefer to read, because this interests you. And to your online business too.

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What is a featured snippet?
Difference from knowledge graph results
When do rich snippets appear?
Tools to analyze featured snippets
How to get position 0?
When is it worth fighting for?
When there is already a website in the featured snippet
How you should structure the content
What is a featured snippet ?

We already know that the aim of the search engine is to provide users with the information they need. And to the giant it no longer seems enough to show the classic list of pages in the search results to achieve it. Since 2014, it is increasingly common to find featured snippets that appear at the top of the SERPs and are thus placed in a privileged place: position 0.

Difference from knowledge graph results

It is important to differentiate these results from those of the knowledge graph . In the latter, the search engine shows all the related Afghanistan Phone Number List information from different sources of rigor. Position 0, on the other hand, corresponds to a more specific result (text, list, table or video) that tries to give a single answer to a question, capturing data from a single website.

To understand each other, in both cases the information stands out in some way compared to the rest of the results, but, while the information in the enriched fragment comes from a specific website, that of the knowledge graph is provided by Google itself when contrasting different sources.

An example to see it better? Of course. Let’s see, go to Google and write how tall a cat is . Do you see the answer? Well that is a knowledge graph .

But if you are looking for how much cats grow, a prominent paragraph will appear that tries to answer your question. That is a featured snippet . Do you get it? Great. To something else, butterfly.

When do rich snippets appear ?

Google is constantly working to improve the user experience. So it will only create a wonderful featured snippet when it is of real help for the ladies and gentlemen who are looking for something on their mobiles / tablets / laptops. And, for this, the search engine values ​​two fundamental parameters in the keywords :

No. of relevant searches
Google creates featured snippets for informational keywords that have a good number of searches.
If a keyword has 10 monthly searches , it is possible that the internet giant will not bother to create a position 0 for that keyword .

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You will simply understand that the term is not very relevant and will expose the results to use.

But if the term starts to get juicy and the number of searches increases , the Mountain Viewers rub their hands together and get to work to create a beautiful and prominent 0 position.

Informational Keywords
Featured snippets are, after all, little information pills that quickly and concisely answer a search intent. If the person was not looking for information, but, for example, a product, it would not make sense to present him a position 0.
Consequently, you will never find it if you are looking for Nike shoes , but you will if the term is how to whiten the bathtub , what is photoaging or weekend destinations in Europe .
If both situations occur (that the keyword has an attractive search DE Phone Number and an informational search intention), it is most likely that the internet giant applies common sense (sometimes it does not, because we have found cases that cry out to heaven) and generate it.

Tools to analyze featured snippets
The idea of ​​directly Googling the keywords for which a rich snippet might appear isn’t so far-fetched if you have a couple of them in mind. Now, if you want to have a broader vision of the keywords for which a website could rank in this privileged position , better look for the crown that identifies a featured snippet in tools such as Sistrix, SemRush, Ahrefs, SerpBook … among others .

How to get position 0?

Well, unfortunately, Google has not commented on the matter. That is, the search engine has not officially presented any guideline that indicates which elements it values to position keywords as featured snippet . However, analyzing the search results that offer position 0 helps to determine some elements that facilitate the indexing of a website and its valuation.

Google has not presented guidelines that indicate which elements it values ​​to position keywords as featured snippet , although analyzing search results can give us many clues.
And, in this case, it is not necessary that your positioning for the keyword is better than that of the competition to appear in the enriched fragment .
If Google considers that your content responds better to the user’s query in a clear and concise way, it will reward you with a prominent position in the SERPs. Then, you will feel like the king of the mambo and laugh in the face of your best ranked competitors.

When is it worth fighting for?

We appeal again to common sense (before Google, now yours). Let’s see, if for a keyword that interests you, Wikipedia is positioned in the featured snippet , friend, sorry we have to tell you that things are complicated.

We talk about Wikipedia as we can talk about any other website that has an undeniable authority and relevance in your sector. In such a case, t e encourage you to assume with dignity are at a disadvantage and can not fight it. Sometimes a withdrawal in time …

Why not fight for that 0 position in these situations? Because it is a waste of time and money that you cannot afford. As simple as that. There are wars that cannot be won, and starting a fight to the death having lost beforehand is unwise.

If you see Wikipedia in position 0, forget it, you are not going to beat it; But if it’s a website you can compete against, give it a kick and fight for that featured snippet.
This does not mean that you should not try to position your website as best as possible for that keyword. Of course!

Being on the first page is essential to earn clicks and, therefore, money. But the featured snippet may get you a bit far this time.

As The Beatles said, let it be.

Now, if you see that you can compete face to face with the website that is in position 0, become a Chiquito de la Calzada: ATTACK ! Try to dethrone the monarch of the position that interests you already for all. But, of course, surely you still have a small doubt to solve … Um … How to achieve it when there is already a positioned website?

When there is already a website in the featured snippet

It is not a question of copying, which is very ugly, but of being moderately insightful. If Google rewards a website with a huge picture at the top of the results because he believes that some of its content responds to the exact search for the user, f íjate very well on the part of the content that the search has been the featured snippet and ask yourself why: does it make sense to give a short and concise answer to the user? Does it have the appropriate format (table, list, paragraph, etc.) that the person is looking for?

In any case, sure, very sure, that you can improve that content and make it more readable / useful / complete for your dear reader. Analyze the weak points that the highlighted fragment has, what it lacks to be perfect.

When you know what that je ne sais quoi is that does not yet have the paragraph / list / box that is highlighted, create your content (or change your post) by incorporating it. And what will happen next? Well, the mighty search engine may decide that your content is better than what is featured and dethrone the current king to crown you. Sounds good right?

How you should structure the content

If you’re starting with an article and you get the impression that Google isn’t offering a featured snippet because it can’t find any worthwhile information, create content that grabs their attention . In other words, if the keyword for which you are going to fight has more than enough searches and is informational, give it a shot. You may be the first to have that 0 position.

How to get it? You can structure your content in different ways so that Google can crawl it more easily. Here are some to give you an idea of ​​what the giant usually shows in this privileged position.


Surely you have seen more than once a paragraph positioned in the featured snippet . For a huge number of search terms, Google believes that the best formula for the user to find what they want is based on a small paragraph that summarizes, in a few words, the answer. A good example can be found in the health sector with searches of the style of what is lactose intolerance.

Paragraphs, lists, and tables are ways to structure your content so that Google can more easily crawl it.
How to make Google catch your content more clearly? Well, very simple. Include an h2 that introduces the search engine (and the user) to the topic you are going to talk about, and develops the latter with a clear and simple answer to the user’s question.


There are cases in which it does not make sense to respond to the user’s search with a paragraph, since what you want is, clearly, a list of items. Example? The ingredients of a recipe or the countries that belong to Europe.


When the person wants to find a comparison of something, the most comfortable, simple and visually useful is a table . For example, if you are looking for the prices to climb Kilimanjaro or travel to Japan, surely you will find a small board so that you can get a quick idea of ​​what the trip is going to cost you according to one route or another.


All the effort in the creation of content will be of no use (neither for Google nor for the user) if it does not follow a defined and hierarchical structure . That is why the logical order of the paragraphs (introduction, development and conclusion) and the use of HTML header tags are vital to represent the different sections of the text. In this way, each one is given the importance it deserves, with the h1 label being the most important one.

Moral of this whole set of position 0? That SEO and content should go hand in hand everywhere to seriously fight for rich snippets . Without these two firm and robust legs, the strategy becomes lame and does not reach the objectives.

In Marketing Paradise we have it well resolved. Sara Velasco , Head of SEO, and Laura Mengíbar , Head of Content , co-authors of this post that we hope has been useful for you, we are finger and meat, the Dynamic Duo of positions 0, the Batman and Robin of the featured fragments, the Asterix and Obelix from the featured snippets . Or, at least, we work hard to be. If you liked the article, remember that we are just as nice in our newsletter. Subscribe and discover that we are not lying.

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