Evian is giving away Wimbledon tickets to fans who find their ball boy.

The followers of Evian must run after a ball boy, who in real time can be located thanks to the clues that will be provided in the Facebook and Twitter accounts and that to those who find him, he will give them a ball to participate in the daily draw of tickets.
United Kingdom .- The recent action that the well-known Senegal Phone Number List mineral water brand has launched consists of using social networks so that its followers participate for a couple of daily tickets to the Wimbledon tennis matches.

The tournament, which starts this Monday, is the perfect excuse to put Evian’s followers running , after a ball boy, who can be located in real time thanks to the clues that will be provided on the Facebook and Twitter accounts and Those who find him will give them a ball with a number, which can be the winner of the day and obtain two passes to enjoy the exciting tennis matches from the stands.

The action in social networks Evian is part of the campaign carried out as official sponsor of the tennis tournament, which features the image of tennis player Maria Sharapova for outdoor campaign.

Another very different but also remarkable action is the one carried out Phone Number List by the same brand of mineral water but in Paris, France, where it has created a magnet so that users, apart from sticking it to the door of their refrigerator, can request through it. , the Evian bottles they need, on the occasion of the launch of this home delivery service.

The idea has come from the BETC Paris agency and consists of a magnet that they have called SmartDrop, in which the number of bottles needed and the delivery date in which they want to receive them is entered, information that through wi- fi is transmitted to the brand’s website so that there is never a lack of mineral water at home.

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