Does a reputation crisis promote growth and brand awareness?

For 5 days we have followed in detail the reputation crisis of the fast food restaurant chain Quick , which was originated by a photo shared in a tweet where a lot of mice were shown running through the corridors of one of its premises in Paris.

From there on Facebook began the updates of Internet users, leaving videos, photos, testimonies and articles published in the press, where the brand was informed and rebuked.

After an initial hesitation, where a comment was even deleted, the brand decided Spain Mobile Database to respond to each and every one of the updates with a single message and face the crisis without deleting more comments, letting the days pass and issuing an official statement that we published in the previous post.


Curiously, there have been more and more people who “justify” in their comments that there are mice in the restaurant, because according to them it is a problem in the city and “in all restaurants there are rats” God help me! Could it be that we are too purist here? Is it a problem of cultures? of Education…?

What is clear is that, beyond the mice that have almost remained in a simple Ratatouille anecdote, as many of the Internet users have baptized the crisis, there are fans willing to defend the brand above all else and it seems that the time heals everything.Spain Mobile Number List

Today there are very few new comments alluding to rats and also when someone tries, voices arise that rebuke the fans who talk about it and ask the brand to remove them from the page Surprising!

As a closure to the crisis, they have been so able to launch an express promotion, with the excuse of the French elections (it is noted that they did not have it prepared but Brother Cell Phone List it serves two purposes, to silence voices and seem socially responsible by encouraging participation in the elections) for as someone says, change third and get people to talk about something else … and they get it, because there are 335 likes in the promotion update, it has been shared 133 times and they have left 71 comments of which only one asks for the rats, the rest praise or protest the promotion itself


And the most incredible thing after the reputation crisis is over, Quick wins 1,000 fans in four days , which makes us wonder, does a reputation crisis favor the growth and notoriety of a brand?

The only thing that is clear to me is that many of us were unaware of the existence of this brand and now it is already familiar to us (yes, with rats)

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