Do brands help the unemployed?


Do we believe it? …. sadly it seems that only some

Since the crisis in Spain began and the list of unemployed began to swell, some private companies have used as a claim in their marketing campaigns the

” We help the unemployed “, but is this true?

We are going to analyze a few cases lived in the first person, to remove the blindfold and know if the promises of these companies are fulfilled:

– TELEPHONE . They offered a 50% reduction in their rates Cambodia Phone Number List, with a maximum of € 20 per receipt, over 9 months.

Approved with a note : the paperwork and paperwork are a bit tedious, but once the documentation is gathered, Telefónica fulfills its promise.

– MOVISTAR : His campaign was the same as that of Telefónica but the procedures, at least until a few months ago, were separate.

Approved : Even with the same papers presented as in Telefónica, approval costs much more and patience is lost a bit with so many claim calls, but finally once you get the right department (and it is not easy) Movistar complies her or his promise

– MUTUA MADRILEÑA . Your offer: Mutua Madrileña will pay the insurance of its mutual members in case of unemployment

“Mutua Madrileña seeks to offer support in the current economic situation and will apply to Auto, Motorcycle, Home, Life Risk, Accident and Health insurance”

You have to meet a series of requirements to get a grant of up to a limit of € 1,000 in 2 years, but:

At least, a processed file is resolved negatively 8 months after its presentation , despite meeting the requirements, despite making endless monthly calls where the ladies, who are very polite, that if they serve the insured, say they do not understand why it has not been paid the issue months ago because everything is correct, they dispatch the unemployed with a “wait 15 more days, sure that by then it will have been resolved.”

Throughout this 8-month period, letters are received requesting again the copy of the DNI (even despite having been in the company for more than 30 years with comprehensive insurance of several cars) or the employment history (sent until by certified mail on several occasions) to end by saying in a last telephone conversation:

“We are sorry, your file has not been admitted after 8 months of paperwork because your dismissal was disciplinary.”

Amazing, right? In a country with almost 5,000,000 unemployed due to the crisis, most of them exited from business ERES or due to a reduction in staff, where thousands of Spaniards are being laid off with managerial positions, with high salaries and that in most the cases entail being over 45 years old, are we talking about disciplinary dismissals? (and after more than 13 years working for the same company)

Gentlemen of the Mutual Society, if a person has received Phone Number List a settlement, compensation and receives unemployment benefit, do you think that the company made a “disciplinary” dismissal? When a worker is dismissed, the dismissal can be proceeding where there is no compensation from the company, null when the employee has to be reinstated or unfair (as is the case) where the company begins to pay the employee 45 days’ salary per year and you have the right to unemployment (all these papers are in your possession in triplicate and certified mail)

Gentlemen of the Mutual, in the vast majority of cases, the causes put forward in a dismissal letter are disciplinary, but the company and the worker before the Smag, before the judge. or as in this case with the agreement between the company and the worker, recognizing that the dismissal has been unfair and non-disciplinary and that is why the full compensation is paid. As you look for a pretext for not complying with your campaign, be more creative.

The answer seems at least surreal to us.

Suspended with very poor : Mutua Madrileña at least with some has not fulfilled its promise. “I am I am I am from the Mutual …” His slogan read.

but from now on, as soon as the policy expires, at least some mutualist will say “I am no longer from the mutual …

– SANITAS “Sanitas incorporates free coverage to protect payments in the event of unemployment”.

When speaking with Sanitas, a very kind operator informs us that the policy contracted (more than 25 years ago and that the conditions have been changed several times by special offers for companies with new contracts that maintain their seniority), does not have insurance Unemployment (this product is fairly recent in the current insurance product offering). The truth is that I believe that we never worry about this type of thing until it happens to us, but I did not know that there was an insurance of this type for a health policy.

But how does Sanitas behave with some policyholders when unemployment occurs?

At first, Sanitas assumes the conditions of the company policy for all family members but, after six months (without prior notice), it modifies the receipt, increasing it from € 198 to € 250. When speaking wit

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