Easter time, vacation time, we leave the stress of work behind and we get ready to relax a bit.

Many of us begin to enjoy them even before leaving, just by thinking about El Salvador Phone Number List them our minds are transported to the chosen place, imagining everything we will do at the destination. But do we think of those who stay and are not lucky enough to enjoy them?

Many go out but do not disconnect.

How important is that word. For years, my vacations were summer, Christmas, Easter or long weekends, I spent them glued to my mobile or laptop.

Every so often I looked at the BB in case messages were coming in, in case something went wrong, in case they needed me … Not a day went by without receiving a call with a question or “brown” that arose in my absence. No, we are not essential, nobody is, but it seems that if they call us from our company we feel more important.

Now I see it in the distance, what a shame the time invested. Holidays are to rest, to enjoy, to forget about everyday problems. We have to accustom our work environment to our absence.

Someone once told me: “The best boss is the one who doesn’t notice his absence when he goes on vacation” and it is true, because it means that he has a team prepared to face the small problems that arise. If a company is paralyzed when we go on vacation, we have half the employees left over.

These days I have observed many people talking loudly on their mobile phones, so that they can be heard, so that everyone knows that they are in charge, that they are important in their companies.

Dressed only in a polo shirt, a swimsuit and esparto slippers, walking up and down the pool or by the sea, forgetting that their families do not understand why they cannot devote their full attention to them for just a few days. But they are executives, they have a BMW, an Audi or a Mercedes and a little house on the beach. Some also have a small boat and of course they do not lack a uniformed girl who serves them the aperitif and the food on the terrace of their ground floor with a garden and walks their children through the urbanization. Poor people, they still don’t know what the word disconnect is.

And those who have not left, is it because they are essential, or because they cannot leave their posts for a week? That is another story because many of them are afraid of losing their job, in these times it is a luxury to ask Phone Number List companies for three days of vacation to join them with Easter and take a whole week of vacation.

But you have to understand that people have to rest, give air to their thoughts because they need to be creative, innovate and without free time there is no mind that is capable of generating new ideas. Too much concern about caring for the chair.

Lastly, there are the entrepreneurs, that race that I call brave, who watch over their own businesses. These have been privileged without being able to go on vacation because it is a sign that things are on track, that everything is going.

Many others have had to stay to face their day to day, to try to fight despite everything to get ahead and they cannot disconnect, it is impossible because the letters and payments crowd at the door. How difficult it is to be an entrepreneur in this country, how many obstacles, how many taxes and how little help …

Times are not easy, but to succeed you have to disconnect from time to time, clear your mind and live. Take care of our family and enjoy with them, because whoever does not understand it will be wasting time and life is unfortunately too short not to live it with intensity.

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