Digital transformation starts with people

What is behind every decision made in the company? In the first layers we find the rational motivations: increase sales, launch a product, make something known, etc., but if we dig a little more, we will see how personal motivations appear (both rational and irrational): stand out in your work, give you a ‘medal’, repeat the same action for not taking risks, etc.The former are more powerful motivations, or should at least prevail over personal ones. But the reality is that companies are made up of people and we all have our own feelings and motivations. In addition to a series of acquired work habits that limit our vision, that limit our ability to innovate, to accept as good things that come from outside.In the same way that decisions are made by people, big changes such as the digital transformation of a company start with the people who make it up. This fact is amplified when we talk about SMEs , since they are much more personalistic.In the following graphic you can see the different layers to attack to carry out the digital transformation of a company. Therefore it is clear that the change in the company begins with the people, and the change of these will cause a change in the culture. But of course, depending on the profile of each one, this change is easier or more difficult.Training as a lever for people’s changeTraining, whether regulated or not, is the way we adapt to new scenarios. Learning is the step prior to incorporating our knowledge into our day-to-day life.They can already tell us from the outside that this or that is important, that until we internalize it, we are not able to incorporate it into our discourse.There are professions that require continuous study specific to your industry / sector to be up to date.The case of the Internet and digital Chief VP Operations Email Lists is at the same time a transversal knowledge and an industry in itself . Although at a generic level we refer to basic knowledge in the use of the Internet, all companies need to have an online marketing strategy in their company.What I want to get to is that anyone should have a basic knowledge of the Internet, and everyone who participates in the management of a company, should also add online marketing .

I need to catch up with online marketing, but I can’t find the time. I do not know where to start!
If we analyze this need and the ability to adapt to the digital world within companies, we find different situations where this change is more difficult ( on the basis that there are people who do not fit these stereotypes ):Professionals in the last 5-10 years of their professional career : they are people with extensive experience and knowledge of the market. They are usually in high positions in the organization .For them, the Internet is something strategic for the company, but on a personal level it is difficult for them to incorporate / assimilate it. When it comes to introducing it into the company, it is difficult for them to understand its role and above all, it is difficult for them to stop the inertia of the company to implement the digital strategy .Professionals with extensive experience: they are people who have more than 20-25 years of experience, to whom when the Internet began to be important they were already established in a job where the Internet was not relevant at that time. Now they find that it is something necessary, but they do not find the time to train. In addition, they are not very clear where to start .
Entrepreneurs: this group is very heterogeneous, but beyond entrepreneurs with digital experience, there is a large group of people who start a business with an offline experience base and the Internet is one of their main bets. In these cases we find people with very clear ideas, focused on the development of their product / service (their strongest knowledge base), who are clear that the Internet is one of the main outlets for their business, but they are not clear where to start and they need to get their ideas in order to define an effective online strategy.
Junior professionals: whether they are recent graduates or people in their first years of work, they are people who are clear that the Internet is the way to go, but because of their studies or because the program they have followed, they do not have the necessary knowledge to carry out your work with guarantees.In these cases it is common that they think they have clear ideas about the starting point, but these tend to point to tactical issues that prevent them from seeing the full picture of what they really need.How to carry out personal digital transformation?

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Or put another way, what options do the aforementioned profiles have to evolve? How can they be formed?Training: the most obvious step is through training. Currently there are many face-to- face and online programs with which to take a first step in this change.It is important to choose the right program for each case. My advice is not to get carried away by trends and look for a program that complements what you already know, or if you are just starting out, that gives you a global vision of online DE Phone Number.That is why it is essential to take a course that offers you sufficient guarantees at the level of the program and teachers . Choosing the cheapest and most comfortable is not usually the best option.
Learning by experience: a piece of advice that I often give is to start by starting a blog where, in addition to writing and learning about a subject, you can put into practice the most basic ingredients of what you need: strategy, measurement, networks social, SEO , etc.This learning can be completed by attending conferences and events in the sector, where you can incorporate new knowledge and above all, share experiences with people in similar situations.
Consulting : in case one and two of the profiles that I have described, a good way out is to turn to a marketing consultant to help them see both the company’s and personal needs. And try to train as your company begins the process of digital transformation.
It is not the most appropriate way to train, but many times the lack of time makes this the only viable alternative.

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