Devirtualize … another experience

Who was going to tell me, just six months ago, that there was an unknown world that was going to trap me and in what way.

If they had told me about “de-virtualizations” “meeting to eat without meeting each other” “networking with acquaintances and not introduced” I would have thought: go freak, what are you telling me…?

But now, when one experiences it in the first person, the perception is totally different, it is an experience that no one should miss. Two few months of preparations led us to perform four events, which culminated in Madrid was incredible for me (I joined a great team @antoniodomingo , @ralbiol , @sorpendida who already had experience of the previous year).

And no, it is not throwing flowers at the organizers, much less, because the value and importance of the event is contributed by the people who come and make it possible. Without twitter we would be nothing.

We wanted E atsandTwitts First Anniversary to be special. For this we were lucky enough to have the sponsorship of @CajaNavarra and @ReynoGourmet (DO Navarra) who gave us the possibility of looking for Germany Phone Number List a beautiful place in Madrid, ordering a special decoration, having a photocall (because we twitter users love to do photos together) and offer a splendid aperitif and lunch (served by Joaquin and Lucía) that we could hardly have arranged without their help.
And the great moment has arrived. Until then the Eats 2009 in Madrid, Bilbao, Seville and 2010 Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Pamplona and Palma de Mallorca had been a success and the First Anniversary in Madrid could not be less, the bar was very high.
Nerves in the morning made their appearance. All of you who have organized an event know the last minute problems, forgotten folders, panels that do not fit, labels that do not match, computers that do not connect, the press that does not arrive, the twitter fans that pile up at the door …
But nothing mattered, a friend always shows up to lend a hand and the adrenaline and excitement made us react. As we commented among ourselves, “one grows in the face of adversity” and the problems were solved.
At last the journalists arrived and we held the press conference, but not as we are used to, but a close press conference, among friends, because on twitter some media have people and not robots behind them, who participate in dialogue and are accessible ( there are also those who have not understood anything and that is how it will go).
We gave them the great news: from the hand of @ReynoGourmet , @CajaNavarra , @JorgeGdelArco with his company Xupera and Fernando Canales, owner of the restaurant @Etxanobe , EatsandTwitts will jump the pond, and we will go to New York so that the twitterers who live there can also enjoy the meeting and where @julie_no will help us , who has just settled in those parts.
Then came the tasting of fantastic wines, cheese and Navarra oil.
Starting at 2:00 p.m., the Twitter users piled up at the door and we were delayed with the accreditations (we were 220 people), but in this world everything is understood and nobody gets angry (well almost nobody) and after a while they already know He saw glasses in hand to each other, looking at the avatar and the nick of the other to recognize each other. Hugs, surprised faces, good vibes, happiness … that’s what was breathed from the beginning because we met as if we were friends of the soul whom we have not seen for a long time.
It’s funny what hides behind an avatar and the funniest thing is that there are people you recognize instantly and others that we had imagined in our totally different minds. In general, people are much younger than their avatar projection (or is this world keeping users young).
The impeccable lunch: vichisoise, piquillo peppers stuffed with cod, a magnificent Navarra beef entrecote and raspberry millefeuille and cream, they were to blame for putting me on a diet as soon as I got home.
After coffee the gathering, a shame that not everyone could stay, because OME or the office called them, but many gave up the presentations because they were delighted to have met and wanted to take advantage of the afternoon with friends.
Finally they got serious with us around 7 in the afternoon, they had to close the place and we had to pick up Phone Number List. The party was over and it was time to take stock.
All of us who met in the different EatsandTwitts looked for the moment to see each other again, to have a coffee, to share a beer, because a friendship has been born and in many cases a possibility of real networking and those that are still pending. we are plotting strategies to be able to stay.
And now, once we have rested and we are already working on the new appointments and provinces for spring, we only have one thing pending, to thank all of you who came and reassure those who gave them the feeling of having gone to a wedding, because the essence of EatsandTwitts will never be lost, it will always continue to be a meeting place, meeting, networking and above a

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