Definitive goodbye to paper books

Little by little ebooks are taking over our lives and what surprises me Ukraine Mobile Database the most is that within my environment even those who most resist new technologies, lifelong paper readers who wore that they were never going to abandon it. They already have a Kindle where they download, read and carry their walking library.

After selling more than four million Kindles this Christmas, Amazon informs us that as of April 27, the new Kindle Touch with Wi-Fi or 3G and electronic ink touch screen will be available .

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These are the features of the new Kindle

The most advanced 6-inch multi-touch E Ink screen
Reads like paper, even in bright sunlight
Download books in 60 seconds wirelessly thanks to built-in Wi-Fi
Lightweight and compact design – weighs only a few grams
Can hold up to 3,000 books
EasyReach touch technology allows one-handed reading
8 font sizes
Battery life of up to two months
There is also a model with a 3G connection
Price € 129 with wifi and 189 with 3G
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What is clear is that every day they make it easier for us and unfortunately we are losing that habit of reading on paper (I still resist giving it up altogether).

But what is true is that it is much more comfortable, that we can have our portable library and in this way we will not have to carry a heavy book on our trips.

I am afraid that shortly I will have been infected and I will also have to say goodbye to paper books .

What will become of books, magazines, newspapers and other paper publications in a few years?

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