Dan Pink: the surprising science of motivation

As we are used to from TED.com , they maintain a great level of talks at their events.This time it is Dan Pink who inspires us with his talk about Chile Phone Number List  . Through the “case of the candle”, an experiment that was carried out in two groups (one was offered a reward for completing it successfully and another was not), he gives us his arguments to defend a different way of motivating.The Carrot and Stick Approach»How to motivate is a very common strategy both in companies and at home. Dan Pink defends that it is more than proven that many times not only does it not work well, but that it is sometimes harmful. It places special emphasis on the separation of scientific knowledge (which proves this theory) and the strategies of companies.


The rewards can work for simple tasks (advertising promotions, etc.), but for the big problems that we can find in the day to day they do not work. It is a proven fact.Does having a bonus of X thousand euros make it easier to solve a problem that you cannot find a solution to? It helps you to spend more hours, more content, but it does not give you the solution.Dan advocates a new approach to motivating: getting things done, because they matter. Because they have a consequence on De Phone Number that matters to you. This approach is based on three things:Autonomy: the need to direct our lives.Mastery: the desire to do better and better, something that matters to us.Purpose: the motivation to do something that is “bigger than us”, for a cause that is “above us.”

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