Curious whereabouts of collective locomotion gives heat

Mayo Digital continues to surprise with its QR codes
Santiago, Chile.- Temperatures in the capital have been the lowest in recent years, surprising Chileans with a polar wave that does not seem to stop. A curious whereabouts of collective locomotion, it gathers the passengers around the heating.

It is a bus stop specially prepared by Mayo Draft FCB for its Homecenter Sodimac client , which is activated by scanning a QR code with a smartphone. So, in the middle of the wait, passengers can get closer to “the warmth of home” delivered by this “Refuge” of the brand.

The creative team that devised this marketing strategy is made up of Andrés Díaz, Henry Henríquez, Andrea Olivares, Sativa, Sebastián Vildósola and Rito Sarria and was carried out by CineMágica , under Macedonia Phone Number List the direction of Chris Klotz.

The agency will surely continue to gain recognition with actions like this one, which attracts attention and makes the brand memorable. Let’s remember that it is one of the most awarded advertising companies of last year. It was chosen the Digital Agency of the year, by ACHAP and for the fourth time it obtains the same award granted by IAB Chile. Together with the above, Mayo was the agency with the most recognitions in the ACHAP Digital Festival and, so far, the only national agency that has won the Wave Festival digital festival.

Recently, the agency also stood out for its Techo campaign “The only window that you should not close” , the launch of Nextel with the concept “the world says one thing, your voice says another” and the #RTdeVoluntad that united the wills of Techo and Homecenter, for a weekend, inviting people to collaborate directly in the store by giving their contribution to help Phone Number List those who still do not have a roof.

The use of the QR code has also been a constant of this team that continues to surprise. At least that’s how it happened with Falabella Avance Juvenil, who, by means of a QR code, gave life to fashion and with Himnotic from Americanino who managed to undress the public.

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