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Doing a bit of zapping for this mess that we now have of channels between DTT, Imagenio, Canal + (that one no longer even knows what one sees, long live the audience fragmentation) I have come across this spot that I think is worth commenting :


Building a distinctive image of Europe as a travel destination in long-haul markets

The European Travel Commission (ETC), in partnership with its member National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) is working on the development of the Europe Invites the Curious Global Campaign. The campaign is co-funded by the European Union.

The purpose of this campaign is to build Bahrain Phone Number List a distinctive image of Europe as a travel destination in long-haul markets, maintain the European travel market share and better disperse traveller flows in terms of geography and seasons, all the while considering aspirations for sustainability in tourism and its growth.

ETC is working on content creation for the global communication and promotional campaign. This includes development of storylines and key messages, hero visuals, videos, landing page, social media creatives, etc. 

The campaign kicked off in the first quarter of 2021. A health- & safety- first approach will be taken into account, with content showing potential travelers that the continent and traveling is secure.

ETC invites of European Destination Marketing Organization and the industry to get involved to leverage promotional efforts by:

  • Using following the hashtags:
  • General campaign hashtag-#VisitEurope 
  • Passion point specific hashtags-#NaturallyCurious, #CreativelyCurious, #HistoricallyCurious 
  • Tag us in your posts: @VisitEurope
  • Like, comment and share our material on your own channels. Let’s use that network effect!
  • Inform your influencers on the above
  • Support us to get us in touch with your ambassadors for content creation with our influencers when the time comes.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the ETC Executive Unit to provide you with specific badges or visuals to complement your current Phone Number List ongoing campaigns.

What has surprised me the most is that the campaign from 2007 had a FIAP advertising award and at this moment it is totally topical, I am not surprised that they have rescued it.

I suppose many of you knew it, but for me it has been a discovery.

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