CRM: best practices to optimize your strategy

In a white paper, marketing 1by1, specialists in loyalty through data, identifies and deconstructs 34 misconceptions about crm. A complete and very well done white paper to cover all the questions about. Crm download the white paper misconceptions about marketing automation among the main received ideas. That should be deconstructed on marketing automation thinking that the router will manage the marketing automation strategy on its own. An email router can find itself limited by the level of data it can integrate and process. This limited implementation of data sources does not allow the creation of cross segmentations necessary for certain marketing automation scenarios.


The prejudices on the establishment of a CRM project

Instantly revive a customer who has background remove service abandoned his cart being too reactive can give the customer the impression of being spied on. Cart abandonment is sometimes a time when the customer is unwilling to be approached. It is wiser to follow up with a prospect a few hours or days later. Limiting yourself to sending emails email is certainly the first communication medium, the most efficient, measurable and accepted by customers. However, it is essential to rely on omnichannel to reach certain contacts, on social networks, print for senior audiences, for example or sending sms for more service-oriented types of messages. Marketing 1by1 also insists on the importance of offering different types of emails to its customers and prospects welcome pack, relaunch of inactive contacts, cross-sell proposal following a purchase, etc., but also of betting on campaigns sms in addition to emails.

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Misconceptions about the customer data platform

The prejudices on the establishment of a crm project a crm DE Phone Number project requires a number of upstream reflections, but also human resources. Among the essential prejudices to be deconstructed thinking. That a data project can be done in 15 days it seems difficult to give a precise deadline for setting up a data project. Which involves several phases framing, construction of the customer data platform, activation and many actors. The project is therefore dependent on their availability and their ability to collaborate.

Believing that database management rules are generic it is impossible to make. Management rules generic in the context of a multi-source custom data platform. These cannot be defined After that, by the crm, each company having its own way of. Managing the data collection sources, data formats, etc.. Thinking that the distribution of roles is simple for a cdp project it involves many correlations between different services. This is why it is essential to appoint a project leader who has an overview of the decisions to be made. He will be the link between the different expertise needed for the project.

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