Create color palettes easily in Photoshop

At Silo Creativo we have dealt with the issue of color palettes on several occasions. Whether it is to create a color palette in a few steps , or how to build one that we can use on a website . But this time we want to focus on how, once we have decided on our palette, we can create it in Photoshop, and save it to work with it on other projects , or share it with other people. Color palettes are an essential element in many projects, whether we are graphic designers or web designers. With them, we are going to have a solid base to lean on when deciding which colors we are going to use, as well as being a critical aspect to create hierarchies and contrasts in the project we are working on.

Creating Color Palettes in Photoshop As we have

It is what will make it possible for us jewelry retouch service to direct the attention of our clients/visitors to where we want. And when we are going to design, Photoshop is one of the programs we always have as a reference when working. That is why it is so important to know how to create a color palette within this software, as well as how to manage them . Because it will not be the first time that we have created a color palette within the Adobe program, and when we opened it it was no longer there. Luckily, thanks to this little guide, these types of problems will end. we are not going to go into what are the best methods to create a color palette from scratch.

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Photoshop we’re going to focus on the Swatches panel

We start from the point where we have DE Phone Number already decided on our color palette, and we are going to start working with it in Photoshop. In my case, for this example I have used a color palette from COLOUR lovers , a page that if you did not know, I highly recommend you, since it offers us a multitude of palettes, patterns and many very valuable resources for any designer. Within COLOUR lovers, I have gone to the palette section , and I have taken one at random. Next, I’ve opened a new document in Photoshop, and pasted in an image with the color palette from COLOUR lovers. Once that’s done, inside of  . If you don’t have this panel active, just go to Windows > Swatches , and it will open.

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