Communication on Twitter

It has been more than four months since I joined this “sect” called Twitter. Let no one be scandalized, I have said “sect” because the phenomenon that occurs here does not happen in any other social network, at least in the ones I usually frequent.

When you arrive for the first time, no doubt because Honduras Phone Number List a friend has convinced you, you find yourself the most clumsy on the net. You don’t understand anything, you see meaningless conversations full of arrobas, hash marks and some unconnected names.

No, this is not for you.

After a few days you try again because you have to end up being 2.0 and you have to learn everything, even if you don’t understand it.

And that’s where the good begins … communication

Now my definition of Twitter would be: meeting of “friends”, whom you know in world 1.0 or not, who are here to help you, guide you, share and listen, learn and try to make the world a little better.

Especially Twitter in a very polite network. They always greet each other when entering and leaving and they are constantly thanked.

Phenomena such as # Er5 occur that we still have no explanation for, but which makes many night smiles flow, and the best thing is that those who do not participate do not complain about the noise we make. I do not even want to think what the timeline of our followers should be with our nightlife. But I am convinced that deep down, even if they do not participate, a smile is drawn from time to time on their faces.

I have never seen such a display of questions when faced with an illness, such as the mother of @Mechecostas who kept us in suspense this Christmas, or this very morning the reception of @FranJuice because we all wait for his / her posts every day and he has been a little pachucho. The spirits flow to those who have been left without work.

The RTs multiply as soon as a job offer or a question appears, or simply because the Phone Number List information has seemed useful to us and we share it in case anyone else may be interested. Or when you ask for information for a trip, an invitation to Google Wave, Spotify …

I have spent two nights awake following @digitalmeteo broadcasting the snowfall in Madrid live, and a lot of twitter users sending photos from every corner of the city. We could have done the first morning diary of the CM in pictures.

Last Friday the hashtag #twitterpelis reached the Top 4 thanks to @ Cosechadel66 and @digitalmeteo animated by @MartaJimeno who looked like a submachine gun. What began in the afternoon as a game between two, ended late in the morning with a timeline from #twittpelis, some especially ingenious

And today we will undoubtedly drive twitter crazy with messages from 12 to 12:10 to help #Haiti All a single twitt A pronoun or the word “all” + the message ” #ayudahaiti ”

In short, it is a haven for communication between a lot of good people (at least for now I have not perceived the opposite, even if there are), who share the same project, although we dedicate ourselves to very different things and that makes us reflect on what It would improve the real world if I copied the spirit of Twitter a little bit.

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