Communication in times of pandemic

How to communicate in times of pandemic has been one of the main challenges of digital marketing in recent times. All the items have had to accommodate their strategies at the time of crisis. Not alluding in any way to the coronavirus and the security measures gives an outdated view of the business. However, when referring to the pandemic, there is also the risk of trivializing a very important issue . No doubt many made that mistake in recent months. Therefore, a good business communication guide for this moment is to think about the 3 Hours : Help, Hope and Happiness. When we design a campaign, we have to ask ourselves if we are contributing any of these three things:

Help: from facilitating home deliveries, donating basic necessities, maintaining care and security measures, carrying out solidarity actions to support health personnel, freeing up access to paid content to help people stay home. There are countless actions that companies have been taking to contribute their grain of sand in this exceptional situation. And everyone can do it: from the largest to the smallest structure. Perhaps for a neighborhood cafe it is to donate coffees to health personnel, for a tele Belgium Phone Number List service it is to offer more GB at no additional cost. Whatever our business, we must ask ourselves: how can I help?

Hope: as we already know, being isolated, not being able to see our loved ones and in the worst case losing them is very distressing. As the months go by, we get more and more tired and we lose heart. That is why hopeful messages are more necessary than ever. Communications such as “we’re in this together” and “we’ll see each other again soon” do much to lift people’s spirits during this difficult time.

Happiness: for the same reasons already mentioned, communications that offer support and joy are highly valued in times of crisis. Customers and consumers are isolated and will appreciate a brand trying to make them smile or laugh.

Digital Marketing: Optimizations to Make During the Crisis
Today the internet is not just one of the most important windows: it is your only window. That is why it is imperative that it be super presentable. Your customers have to be able to find you easily and be aware of your communication channels, opening hours, security measures and any other important updates. These are some fronts to consider:

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Organic content: take advantage of this space to let your followers know how your business continues to work. If you are doing home-office, share photos. If you are making shipments, inform which areas and what the cost is. Organic content is the best way to keep your clientele updated since it is a free strategy and a means of direct contact.
Paid Ads: Use ads to promote your products or services online and let your customers know that they won’t have to leave home.
Website : add a pop-up message with the most important information and the measures that are being taken in your business. The pop-up message is very effective for this purpose as users cannot ignore it.
E-commerce : if you did not have an e-commerce yet, you will have seen how fundamental it is to go through this stage. Many businesses had to create online stores in a hurry. But, now that everyone has one: you have to optimize it. The top bar can be an elegant way to report possible delays, discount codes or any relevant information in the face of the pandemic.

5 campaigns that put creativity to the pandemic
As in any crisis, creativity can move us forward. Although countless businesses saw their sales slow down during the pandemic, that did not prevent many brands from thinking about 3 AM when designing their campaigns and seeking to provide their audiences with help, hope or joy during this difficult time. Here are some of the most ingenious campaigns we’ve seen in recent times.

Apple: subordinates work from home
In April of last year, Apple launched a campaign called “The Underdogs,” which featured a group of subordinates contriving with Apple’s tools to put together a presentation on time. The video was a success but even more successful was its sequel: subordinates working from home. Apple hit the nail on the head with this campaign because in addition to promoting its products, it managed to build a story that we can all identify with today.

IKEA: let your home speak to you
Being locked up at home can be very stressful, but IKEA Spain saw an opportunity to change the perspective on quarantine. IKEA tried to remind its audience of the stable worlds they had already created around their homes: playing with children, dancing, making music, or simply relaxing with loved ones as the world around them changes at a dizzying rate.
As Laura Durán, marketing director of IKEA Spain, explains : “ YoMeQuedoEnCasa is a movement that was born in people’s homes and it is to those homes that we want to pay this little tribute. We invite everyone to see their homes from a different perspective and turn them into a place where, during this moment, we can live new experiences together ”.

Nike: play for the team
To help its customers maintain fitness and spirits during the crisis, Nike made subscription to club workouts free for a limited period, offering fans of the brand exclusive access to training, health and fitness content. Physical conditioning.

Nike also extended its message of staying healthy during the pandemic to its podcast. As the pandemic persists, Nike continues to maintain a strong sense of brand loyalty, and their collective efforts have also helped mitigate its declining sales in China. In short, the message “play inside, play for the world” appeals to a sense of collective solidarity since the solution will be found by playing as a team.

Puleva: double coffee
During the pandemic, the Puleva dairy company promised to offer free coffee with milk for health workers. The DE Phone Number  set up a space to centralize requests from hospital centers and process shipments. The product offered came ready to drink and did not require refrigeration for storage. In this way, compliance with all hygiene and health recommendations was ensured. Wonderful campaign!

Lego: better than a lullaby
To encourage families to stay home and help flatten the curve during spike in infections, Lego created an animated video urging kids to be “superheroes” while offering tips on how to take care of themselves.

The campaign speaks to children without underestimating them: it urges them to play a positive role in the midst of the crisis. It is really refreshing to see a campaign that does not appeal to children only as powerful consumers but as powerful citizens.

Lego forged a real connection with its target demographic while offering genuine value with educational tips and resources for playing at home. The campaign has resulted in record sales during the pandemic.

And, from yapa, two graphic campaigns that speak for themselves:

The streaming monster did not miss the opportunity to launch campaigns alluding to what we all think at some point: reality became a science fiction movie.

Heinz was all the rage with this announcement on Twitter.

And you: What difficulties did you have to face during the pandemic? What changes did they have to make in the structure of their businesses? Did they take any lessons from all this? What are the advertising campaigns that most caught your attention? We read them in the comments!



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