Coca-Cola once again demonstrates its excellence in brand strategy

Coca-Cola has been and is the queen of branding strategy . He has been proving it for many years. Simplifying it a lot, communication seeks to relate global and positive attributes with its products. As a result, Coca-Cola is one of the best valued brands globally and the best in brand contribution ( brand influence alone).
From my perspective as an expert in marketing strategy , the brand and its influence have always been one of the fundamental pillars of a Jamaica Phone Number List
‘s success.
I have always valued its importance in all stages of the buying process , especially in the moments of truth (in the steps from one stage to another).
The brand is what generates trust, it is the reference that customers look at when they are lost choosing between several options, it is the one that leads us to pay a higher price just for being from a certain brand.
I have recently been taking a further step in my branding knowledge, and I am focusing on the purpose of the brand . And I’m using Simon Sinek’s golden circle methodology as a basis .
Coca-Cola – Everything is better when we are open
These days Coca-Cola is launching its new brand campaign in Europe: Better when we’re open , which in Spain has been translated as Everything is better when we’re open .
So that you know it better, and understand the concept, I leave you the video that they have used to launch the campaign.
Have you ever considered that perhaps we don’t have to be right in everything? It does not matter that we all have very different ways of being and thinking, because there is always the option of putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes and sharing a Coke to find common ground.
This concept is an evolution of the one they have been using until now: “Let’s do it together”, which has served as an umbrella for such current issues as sustainability and the fight against plastic.
The campaign is an example of how a company that produces uses plastic in its packaging, instead of hiding, decides to try to remedy it.

If you look at it, when the brand purpose is strong and well communicated, it makes us return to values ​​that are above any problem that the brand may have and reduce its impact.
But let’s get back to the new concept and brand purpose analysis.
Coca-Cola’s brand purpose led to the concept “Everything is better when we are open”, is just the beginning of the brand strategy for this year. I am convinced that it will have numerous descents to related concepts and different activations.
That’s the strength of brand purpose. Recovering the thread of the golden circle methodology, let us remember that ” Your customers do not buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it ” and this is very clear to Coca-Cola:
WHAT : What does Coca-Cola sell? Refreshments.
HOW : it tells us about how they are able to deliver their value proposition . What things make them different from the competition and lead us to buy? In the case of Coca-Cola: distribution, variety of products, communication and marketing, packaging, etc.
WHY : I am not going to venture to define the why of Coca-Cola (I would give for a book), but its visible effects in their current campaign ” Let’s do it together ” and the one they are launching ” Everything is better when we are open .”
These concepts speak to us of unity, of sustainability, of concepts that attract and motivate us all.
All this is perfectly reflected in the words of Walter Susini (Marketing Director for Western Europe at Coca-Cola). I extract some paragraphs that I have found in Marketing Week , talking about the new campaign “Everything is better when we are open”:
There is a fundamental truth that no matter where you look today, in any country around the world, we are more divided than ever. Coca Cola is a brand that needs to embrace different angles and facets, and we need to talk about the problems that are relevant today. We will never shy away from social issues. ”
It is a position that directly attacks a real problem that affects us all. His alignment with our global concerns and the brand is perfect.

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In this environment Susini recognized that marketing is becoming increasingly complex due to the multiplication of points of contact with the customer.
Think that Coca-Cola can remain relevant if it is based on: purpose, experience, and talkability (the ability of a brand to generate conversations).
I think you’ve made it pretty clear, but let’s look at the benefits of brand purpose with closer examples.
Feeling close to a brand doesn’t just make you buy more
When a brand approaches us and shows us with facts that it supports causes that matter to us, what effect does it have on us?
We see her as more human, we feel that she understands us, that she not only wants to sell us things,… she makes us position her close to our DE Phone Number emotions. Where very few brands have a place.This has a multiplier effect. The products of our brands become, practically, the only options in their categories, the competition takes a back seat, and best of all, we become the defenders of this brand. Which contributes to more sales, and more recommendations , to a more efficient marketing,… you already know ” Better than sales, get customers .” 😉

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