Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Hotline or Linkedin Audio which one we choose

Since 2021 began, social networks have gone crazy and in just three months new platforms and audio networks have appeared, first Clubhouse , shortly after Twitter Spaces in beta, then it was Linkedin who spoke about the new project to create its own space for audio and now is Facebook who auncia e l launch its own audio network in public beta called Hotline.

It is clear that the net time of Internet users is increasingly limited to dedicate it to all platforms. Let’s think that in addition to personal work, studies and recreational activities of each one, until now we already had a long list of social networks and platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, Pinterest … to which we must add reading of blogs, podcasts, live broadcasts, Webinars, online courses. In short, a real madness, but now we have also incorporated the new audio networks.

But which one are we left with?

It is difficult at the moment to take out the crystal ball to make a forecast of what will happen in the coming months, but from my point of view the current board can change substantially.

We go by parts to understand how the game is at this moment:

Facebook: every day it has fewer young users and although Japan Mobile Database it continues to grow in adults, less time is spent on it. Facebook seems to be old and above all many users are angry at the existing censorship and also by the constant security leak that reveals our personal data, but beware that they have just announced the public beta of Hotline, a hybrid between Clubhouse and Instagram Live . “Creators can speak to their audience who can then ask questions in text or audio format”


Instagram: For its part, this platform announced a few days ago the Instagram Live Rooms with audio and monetization .The bad reputation of not showing the publications in organic has been radically rectified by their interest in promoting the Reels and re-catching their users so that they do not migrate to TikTok. Little by little they are providing Reels with more functional copies of TikTok to not only recover those who left, but also to be able to attract new users through this Instagram functionality. The advantage of Instagram is that influencers who have been on this platform for years hardly find a place in TikTok, in general it is difficult for them to grow on this platform, perhaps because I think they do not understand how it works and therefore prefer to continue betting by Instagram. But also, successful TikTokers have discovered that their TikTok videos hit it on Instagram Reels and grow organically like they hadn’t done on Instagram so far. TikTok has a great challenge ahead of its competitor here.

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TikTok : It is undoubtedly the fashion network anda great opportunity for entrepreneurs, professionals and companies.Your videos can go viral, have 1000 or 1 million followers and it also allows you to create a large community in just a few months. Until now the live or direct were limited to 2 people, but they are already beginning to implement the direct ones where we can invite several users to participate in the live and ask their questions personally, a great way to interact with our favorite tiktokers or creators by sharing screen with multiple users. What is true is that little by little the incredible reproductions and engagement that were achieved in this social network so far have dropped considerably in recent months and that the content copying phenomenon has very burned users who share their educational knowledge or professionals.

Clubhouse: This network, as it grew exponentially in just two months, has experienced a brutal halt in recent weeks. The reasons are better for everyone to analyze and have their own opinion, but what was born as a wonderful boom has lost the initial punch. As has always happened, social networks are born with a purpose but it is the users who make a platform one thing or another. We’ll see what happens when Android users arrive at Clubhouse and monetization finally begins.
How Twitter Spaces works


Twitter Spaces . There is still a long way to go to improve the functionality Brother Cell Phone List of Twitter, but they have been very smart in appointing several users who have been in love with this social network for years. With the contributions of all these users and those who enter the rooms and give their opinion to improve it, Twitter Spaces will surely end up being a fantastic place to interact in audios. Let’s think that on Twitter we already have our community created and we know perfectly who is who. By being able to open rooms only for the people we follow, we can avoid the entry of haters and if they sneak we can expel them immediately.

Linkedin. We will have to wait and see what the development of these audio rooms is like on Linkedin, but as soon as they do it, it can be a fantastic place because Linkedin is the professional network par excellence and free of haters. I think it could have a great journey if they make a goo

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