Chief Marketing Officer: deciphering a profession in full evolution

A great marketing enthusiast with “ dream big ” as her credo, tifenn dano kwan moved to the united states, where she was able to work for major tech groups in the silicon valley. Today, it has chosen to use its american expertise to support european technology companies. In this interview, she shares with us her experience as a cmo and delivers best practices to adopt in the field of marketing to better support fast-growing companies. You are cmo at collibra.

What is the job of cmo, and more particularly in a startup environment in hypergrowth can you tell us more about your role and your missions I joined collibra as cmo in march 2021. My mission is clear, especially in this hypergrowth movement to make marketing a development lever for collibra. Go beyond the “support function” to be a strategic engine of growth. But also to align human resources with technical expertise to drive integrated, data-driven strategies, delivering unparalleled customer experiences and growth.


You were CMO at Dropbox during the pandemic.

Concretely, this translates daily into actions carried philippines photo editor out around the development of the commercial pipeline , an overhaul of the narrative based on solutions and value, a global transformation by creating integrated web and digital experiences, and by automating lead to revenue l2r flows . It is also important to refocus on customer value and defend its interests by improving customer lifetime value and its cost of acquisition, essential for any successful marketing strategy.

How has the cmo profession changed in recent years what new missions have you seen appear during your professional career the watchword that characterizes the transformation of our business is undeniably digitization. Even if it was started several years ago, the health crisis has greatly accelerated it. Our daily life has been completely turned upside down it is no longer a question of a change in missions but rather the appearance of a new way of working.

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If we look at marketing trends, what channels or levers

Clearly, every tech company — and by extension DE Phone Number every business — seeks to solve the challenges facing its customers. But today, the stakes and challenges are no longer the same. It then becomes imperative to address prospects and customers where they are, regardless of the channel. And to support them in this constantly. Changing environment. Our role as marketers is to drive this change, and to stay the course on growth prospects despite the changes within. Our ecosystems. You were cmo at dropbox during the pandemic.

What impact has the covid-19 crisis had on your business. What have been the major upheavals for the marketing sector how did you experience it the health crisis has had. A considerable impact. On the nature of our activity it should be noted that dropbox was initially intended for a b2c market, but due to telework imposed by the pandemic. We have seen our target widen to reach a market b2b. We may have been luckier, this development has given us broader insights into how marketing can support business growth. For a marketer, this experience can only be transformative and exciting.

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