Building a Better World

What is the border that separates our personality between the real world and the virtual world?

Living the experiences of recent times, it makes me think how it is possible that every day we live in two worlds so different, the ones that we now dedicate ourselves to gurgling (as they said this morning on Cadena Ser, a term that on the other hand I think does not correspond to nothing to our reality)

In the real world, our bosses, co-workers, our clients, Guatemala Phone Number List our neighbors, perhaps ourselves, we are not as charming and polite as what we find every day on the web.

In the real world, when you have a problem, an illness, when you need guidance, you have a handful of true friends who care about you, but the rest, the ones you consider friends, the co-workers with whom you spend many hours at a time. day, they will pass glancingly and at the slightest opportunity they drain the bundle and if I have seen you I do not remember.

Why here, on the Internet, behind a PC, a Mac, a smartphone, are we all willing to help each other, to work together in the face of a catastrophe, to share our knowledge without receiving anything in return?

Or perhaps the reward of feeling useful, receiving a heartfelt thank you, or simply knowing that you have lent a hand selflessly?

Why are we sincerely happy when one of us gets a new customer or receives an award?

Why do we avidly listen to radio or television, or read an article if the interviewee is one of our followers, as if he were our best friend?

Why do we comment with satisfaction and pride to our family: has my friend the meteorologist, the doctor, the lawyer, the musician, the Twitter pharmacist told me?

But curiously, all of us who feel the above, we look for any occasion to see ourselves, de-virtualize ourselves and take us to our real world, because in our unconscious we want to transfer our good experience to the real world.

I am coming to the conclusion that on the web, we are building Phone Number List a Better World, that world that each of us would like to find when we wake up every morning.

A world where when you go out to the street you find people who say good morning and ask you how you are, who call you to tell you to tell them about the illness of your son, your mother …, to listen to your joys and your sadness, let him share his wisdom and laughter with you, let him move Rome with Santiago to be able to offer you what you need or ask you for something knowing that you will do the same for him.

We have taken a giant first step, but will we all be able to bring it to reality or will it just stay in a virtual world?

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