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Much has been said in recent times, both in the press and in multiple posts, about the role of a CM, how brands have to behave online, what is right and wrong, rules, advice, masters, courses … but Really

Are brands ready to enter this new form of communication?

It is true that any brand worth its salt, large or small, already has its Bahamas Phone Number List website. Just a few years ago, only the big brands made their first steps with a display of the latest software developments. Many others looked at you with the face of ” what is he telling me ” when you tried in vain to convince them that there was the future of their communication, the globalization of their brand and the expansion of their sales.


At this moment I am afraid that the SM is going through the same ordeal.

Some big brands, forerunners of marketing, communication and advertising trends, opened their profiles on the most important networks. At this moment they monitor their brand, analyze their data, talk with their consumers and have learned to get the best performance that, at least until now, the platforms offer.

But unfortunately “the common mortals of brands” look at you with a strange face again when you explain why and what these new forms of marketing are for, and try to persuade them to be present in these new media, which are also massive .

Some have heard bells. One day they go to Google and read some negative comment about them, but they do not quite understand or give the importance of online reputation, communication with current and potential customers.

Taking a walk through the main platforms (Tuenti, Facebook, Twitter …) or channels like YouTube, it seems that reality shows us that only some brands are betting heavily on them.

Special case is Twitter. If we carry out some searches, Phone Number List  the numbers give us a guideline of the current panorama, at least in Spain, on this platform, in addition most of the accounts are not validated so we do not know if they are official or not:


The numbers talk for themselves.

We found things as incredible as the profile of ” Leche Pascua l”. Some “savvy” has opened it and writes:

”Account for sale. Contact by DM @lechepascual ”.

Another curious case is that of Mercedes Benz Spain. The official account (@MBenzEspana ) currently has 336 followers while the unofficial (and thus specified in the bio) @ f1_mercedesgp has 1385 followers. Actimel just a few days ago has reactivated his profile (@Actimel_es) so at the moment he has few followers. Everyone knows the noise caused on the network and how the brand reacted quickly.

9 months ago I wrote a post whose title was “The multimedia sale, too soon? … Where I openly commented on my professional experiences, over 25 years, with the new forms of communication that have been taking place and the delay of advertisers to accept and use them.

Will we be ahead of time again?

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