Brands and their reputation online

When we talk about online reputation and how brands should monitor web 2.0, we are always thinking about the negative comments that can be generated and we alert our clients so that their CMs are prepared and go out of their way, thus stopping any “misconception of fire ”, which risks its image and may leave a bad mark on the network.

I have read several posts where specific cases are analyzed, in which a client’s Argentina Phone Number List complaint on his own blog and making a lot of noise on social networks has led a brand to rectify and amend the mistake made.

But why do we talk so much about the bad things and not the good things that happen with brands in the digital environment?

Let me explain: Normally everyone (including myself) when we have a bad experience with a brand, we start to spread the word among our friends and acquaintances about what happened with it and if we also have a good entry in the 2.0 media, quickly we launch the message so that it is heard by as many people as possible.

When this happens, those of us who are more familiar with online reputation expect a prompt response from the brand (as it fortunately begins to happen in many cases), but if we speak well, we do not expect the brand to thank us and I wonder …

Why not?

It is true that negative opinions are much more important than positive ones, but from my point of view, for the brand some opinions should be as important as others and curiously I was surprised to have my own experience, which I detail below, with a brand that if it works this way.

On July 7, at the request of Javier Muñoz @javistaff, I wrote a meme about Phone Number List“three brands that you are a fan of” . In this post I included a reference to Actimel, Zara and Turismo de Andalucía.

The last thing I thought is that one of these three brands would leave a thank you comment on my blog as it was:


Surprised by the message, logically I answered:

At this point I interrupted the conversation (that week when I went to the purchase I looked for the product I was asking for, which I had not seen until now and I found it as indicated in the comment)

But the most surprising of all is that after the suggestion that they activate the profile on Twitter, not only did they activate it after a few weeks, but they looked for me, added me to their network and sent me an email introducing their TW profile and his new blog


Therefore, I can only congratulate you and share this experience with you.

I think we are on the right track and brands are beginning to care first-hand about their customers

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