How To Bold, Italicize, And Underline In Html

Italics and underlining are typographic resources to give a more attractive format to a text. If you follow this blog you will see that there is no post that does not have a couple of bold. I also put some italics from time to time and what i do not use too much is underlining. Do you want to know how to bold. Italicize and underline in html ? Then i present the necessary labels. How to bold in html there are two tags that can be used to make text bold: and . Both have to have a closing label. Examples: this text appears in bold this text also appears in bold although the result is the same with both tags.

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Bold is used to emphasize a word or short phrase (i say cpa mailing list phrase because a long phrase in bold would look a bit off). For example. In this post it makes sense that how to put bold in html should go in bold because it is the keyword for which i want to position the post. How to italicize html there are also two tags used to italicize text; they are and . They need to be accompanied by the respective closing tags. Examples: this text appears in italics this text also appears in italics as with bold tags. The em tag. Apart from showing users text in italics. Tells search engines that the text in question is relevant within the content. Italics are used to highlight words.

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My little brother is stunned william penguin always says: content is king how to put underline in html to underline a text there is only one tag: . Which as always must go with the corresponding closing tag. For DE Phone Number this text is underlined like bold. Underlining is also used for emphasis. Only in this case it is preferred to underline when the phrase to be highlighted is rather long and would look bad in bold. I would say that of the three tags we have seen it is the least used. Well. Now you know how to put bold. Italics and underlines in html. Now remember that you should not abuse these resources because it would have a negative impact on the readability of your page.

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