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The use of icons has become essential in web and app design, but also in many areas of graphic design, such as infographics or flyers, to give a couple of examples. That is why, as designers, having trustworthy sites where we know that we can find quality icons becomes essential in our work. And today we want to share some of our favorite libraries and repositories. Of course, the option to create and design our own icons is always there. But having a library created by other people always at hand is very effective in many cases. When we present an initial sketch or idea to a client , and we don’t have or want to spend time creating original icons. Or simply when we find a collection of icons that fits perfectly with our work, and we want to make use of it.

Noun Project Noun Project online library of icons

In this list we wanted to take into background remove service account several aspects. The first is if these websites offer us payment plans, or the download of the icons is free, since knowing this is essential according to our budget. Without forgetting that, as designers, we can also upload the icons created by ourselves to some of these websites so that other people pay for our work. And the second is the file format that they offer us . The normal thing is that we can download the icons in SVG vector format , ideal to not have any problem whatever the resolution in which we work. But it is also possible, depending on the web, that we can also download icons in PNG format. Or if we are web designers, even if they offer us a simple CSS code if we are designing a website.

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Font Awesome online library of icons

The design of these is characterized DE Phone Number by being in black and white , ranging from simple icons to more complex ones, but always following this bicolor maxim. In addition, we can search for collections of icons by theme, ideal if we are working on a project for a specific segment, and we don’t want to waste time looking for what we need. Free version (with attribution to the author), or paid version. SVG and PNG format. Font Awesome We have already talked about Font Awesome in SiloCreativo, and how we can use it in WordPress . But, in addition to this, we can also download the icons individually, or their entire library. Keep in mind that from their own website they offer us different versions of each icon.

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