Before launching a campaign make sure your website is prepared

A couple of weeks ago I found a post about a study carried out by iPerceptions in the United States on the state of E-commerce . The study has been done by analyzing the data of 360,000 views to 160 websites.The conclusions confirm what many of us intuited:Reason for the visit : 38.6% of the visitors were in the prospecting phase and only 17% visited the Colombia Cell Phone Numbers List  with the intention of buying a product. Percentage of success of the visit : 85% of those who were looking for information found it, but only 61% of those who were going to buy ended up doing it, or if we see it from the opposite side, these websites let 39% of sales .20091106 reason for visit- Reasons for not completing the purchase : 34% of users did not find what they were looking for , with 13% two reasons tied for price or problems with site navigation and 9% for issues related to shipping (price or number of days).20091106 brakes on purchaseThat is, if 39% of the 17% who come to buy abandon the process, we are wasting 6.6% of visits to our websiteWhat would be the improvements that we should carry out to reduce that 39% of abandonment in the purchase process?

Content (34% did not find what they were looking for): to solve this 34% we have two main ways: the first , making the user easily find the products (closely related to the next point), and the second the texts of our webs in addition to being easy to read, concise, understandable, commercial, direct, etc. etc. they must be true to reality. We must not make believe that we sell a product with certain characteristics that we do not really sell. This, in addition to frustrating the user and putting him against our brand , will make him leave the site and do not buy other products that we do have available.Usability (13% had problems with navigation): if it is already difficult to sell something on the Internet because of the medium that it is, the competition, the crisis, etc. etc. let’s not add navigation problems. Once the potential customer arrives on our website, we must make the purchase process 100% intuitive : clear menus, breadcrumbs, if it is necessary to put a search engine, product comparators and / or recommenders, web map, etc.Price (13%): if your product is expensive, there are many ways to make it attractive through special discounts, promotions, calls to action (of the type only until that date, only X units remain with this price, etc.), packs different prices at the beginning of the month and at the end (perfect to eliminate stocks and encourage empty pockets at the end of the month), etc.Shipping (9%): one of the ways to encourage the purchase, which would help solve part of the previous13%, are shipping costs. Run ” Free Shipping ” promotions to encourage sales (the best is to do like that does not charge shipping or return costs, but I understand this is easier said than done). Another problem related to shipping is the delivery time . I have seen several websites that give up to 15 days delivery time. How are you going to convince someone to buy something on your website that may be less than 10 minutes from home, with those delivery deadlines?And to help in these points and many others that are not named in the study: offer the user all the possible ways to talk to you . If you solve a question at the time of purchase (when he is most determined to buy), it may mean securing the sale.As a reflection on the percentage of abandonment in the purchase process, think that if you work these four points and manage to leave the percentage of abandonment, for example, at 35% Can you imagine what this improvement would mean for an e-commerce website how,, Carrefour,…?So far we have talked about the 17% who came to buy, but what about that 38.6% that was in the decision processIn this aspect, the success rate is quite high:


But let’s not forget that this represents 5.7% of the traffic , and that added to the 6.6% that we lose in the purchase process, they represent 12.3% of wasted visits (it is already starting to be a considerable figure, Hey?).In this regard, we have a double objective : to increase that success rate, but above all to make sure that they visit us again . Remember that they represent almost 40% of the visits to your website! In order to get them to come back, in addition to working on the previous four points (which will make their experience on our website memorable), we must:On our website: provide them with the means to remember us by making available to them: ways to request information , subscription to newsletters, printing of product sheets, option “send to a friend”, social bookmarks such as delicious, and, if we develop a Social Media strategy , give access to our Twitter, blog, Facebook page, etc.). Outside our website : we must try to be present on the Internet through segmented display De Phone Number , and above all have our search engine strategy ready (both SEM and SEO). Very possibly the next step of this user is to perform a search to compare ourselves with the competition, or simply because he does not remember our URL.As a final conclusion , what I told you in the title of the post: your website first. That is, before doing an online campaign to attract traffic to your website and sell, review it

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