Be useful, be humble and share

Recently there have been a couple of previews that ChrisBrogan has written about his new book’ Trust Agents. Using the web to build influence, improve reputation and earn trust ‘, in Fast Company . And the truth is that what I have read I have loved.The objective of the book is to teach us to become people of reference on the Internet. Said like this, it sounds Bahamas Phone Number List
hollow, forced, and interested. But the reality of what it shows us is that being an authentic, transparent person with a desire to share is what makes the people with whom we interact more frequently (who, in general, are the ones with whom we share interests), perceive us as someone trustworthy.If we always behave in this way, by logic, our reputation and our influence will increase. Ultimately, it consists of building relationships in the way that has always been done.In the video, Chris Brogan talks about ‘ Trust Agents ‘, and from there I have extracted the two phrases that I found most interesting and that perfectly summarize the approach from the book:


” Be useful, be humble and share .”” Never ask for anything in return . Give and you will see how it comes back to you in a positive way ”.What happens when we meet someone and like them? We begin to talk about the things we have in common, to share , etc …, and this leads us to build a friendship (a relationship) . Then you meet his group of friends , until you finally join him (it usually happens only in one direction, rarely groups of friends of different people come together, right?). You are already “one of them”.Well, if as the title of the book says, we want to increase our influence, improve our reputation and earn the trust of others, we should behave in the same way.In his post, Chris Brogan gives us the keys to achieve it:

You must be present in all places and create / maintain emotional ties : To achieve this in the groups of people with whom you share interests, you can start by leaving comments on their blogs, follow them on Twitter (if you are not sure who uses the Twitter search engine ), etc …Once the stage of the first contacts is over, the next thing is to meet them at events, informal meetings, etc. This will allow you to build a relationship with these people.Find the ” zero agent “: That person who is hyper connected with the people of the group you want to belong to. De Phone Number information : Start by sending post, data , etc …, that are useful to group members. You will see how this makes your messages have a greater distribution. This in turn, will introduce you to more people and increase your presence (influence, reputation and trust).Use the language of the group : If you don’t, you will be perceived as a stranger.Let me close the post by repeating Chris Brogan’s message:” Be useful, be humble and share”If you find this post interesting “Tweet it” please .You can read the rest of the posts that I have published in Creative Territory

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