Be careful with what we share on Social Networks

When we attend, participate or organize an event, many times we tend to share it on social networks, magnifying what we are seeing.
We want to convey what we feel at that moment and make our network participate in the emotions we are experiencing, but sometimes we do not measure the words and Bahamas Mobile Database  after hours we may end up regretting it.
That should have stopped Ed is Dead today @Ed_isDead Producer and Musician, who last night “played” at the Thiller Music Park at the Madrid Arena.
The tweets that occurred throughout the day did not presage the tragedy that would occur hours later

What is simply a cliché ended up becoming a sad omen, but in Ed’s case he didn’t even know what had happened.
As published by Terra at 7:53 am. Ed thanked the 20,000 people present at the Madrid Arena on his Twitter account, a tweet that at this time no longer appears in his TL , I suppose that when he has seen the dimension of the tragedy and what this tweet may imply he should have deleted , since it compromises the organization, since the allowed capacity is 10,600 people. At 3:00 p.m. he published a tweet lamenting what happened, indicating that he had just found out. I imagine what he felt when he heard the sad news.

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Be careful with “getting hot” when writing, relating and sharing what we are seeing or living by magnifying it, because on occasion it can cost us dearly.
Even if we want to delete it, there will always be someone who has captured it.

@MaiteRos_Design sent me As I said at the beginning of this post Brother Cell PhoneList assumes that the emotion of the moment made him put a figure without reflecting or knowing what the maximum capacity was. I understand how you must feel at this time, it should not be easy to have been in the place enjoying and finding out the day after the tragedy, so I insist “Be careful with what we share on Social Networks”

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