“Baby Got Leads”: Creative or Freaky?

I just saw the new video from the Hubspot agency . They are focused on SMM and SEO strategies, but they go one step further. In addition to doing a Switzerland Phone Number List analysis from the first click until the user becomes a lead, they help you optimize your landing pages. They do all this with the help of software. Well, they just released the new video starring rapper Sir Convert-A-Lot (you can see it below). My first reaction was:


“How freaky!” , but then I was writing this post. So the piece has achieved its goal: virality . Rap lyricsIt tells you in a funny way what they do, their competitive advantage, how to find them (through a Google search ), etc.So is this video De Phone Number or freaky? Do you think it would work in Spain?If you find this post interesting «Tweet it» please .Bookmark and ShareDo you like what you are reading? Subscribe to my newsletter

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