B2B businesses are now digital

It’s about time we started to do something about it, if we want to keep selling.
In general, when we talk about online marketing we tend to think of companies that sell to the end customer (B2C) and we tend to ignore the Canadian CFO Email Lists-to-business (B2B) sales company model .It is true that B2B companies are less oriented to the internet, but before we get down to business I am going to give you two data from an Adigital study to change some preconceptions:
The 70% of Spanish companies are B2B .
The 43% of them already sold products or services online in 2016 (I have not found most current data or the original source of Adigital ). I understand that what you mean is that they have made an online transaction in the last analysis period and not that they have an electronic commerce platform as such.
In a more recent study by Google and The Boston Consulting Group , they concluded that mobile accounts for 40% of online B2B purchases . That is, in more than 40% of the cases the mobile closed or influenced an online B2B.
But what does B2B mean by all this?

B2B companies are much more digital than we thinkI’m not going to go to the other extreme by saying that the B2B web e-commerce models have exploded. Absolutely. The intention of this article is to highlight a reality and to understand the digital facet of B2B and its definition.The buyer with a digital B2B profile is already a reality and we have to define a marketing strategy to attract their attention We have to break with the idea that B2B businesses are fundamentally offline, because even though it is still a business model that has a very wide margin for improvement in terms of digital B2B service, the people who work in it are already digital . That is, they already use the Internet in their day-to-day lives, they find out about the product or service they want to hire.
Therefore, we find two realities:

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The B2B profile is increasingly oriented towards online sales (B2B online or B2B Web): the need to sell more has pushed them to bet on this channel. The B2B client uses the internet in the purchase decision process, so if we want to convince him, we must implement a marketing strategy In my opinion, these are the factors that are driving the digital transformation in Spain. With these two ideas it is clear that companies must carry out the DE Phone Number┬áprocess of digital transformation towards the B2B company or the B2B service (or digital maturity , as I like to call it). I am not going to insist on this process, because it is sufficiently ‘manipulated’. I would just like to leave you the global scheme for you to have as a reference. Therefore, it is clear that the web B2B sector is already digital and that we need to treat it as such. I leave you an article on how to define a digital strategy for a B2B company , so that you can delve into the subject.

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