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Although it may seem that cell phone number database intelligence (AI) has not been around for a long time, it is not. For more than sixty years, specifically in 1956 at the Dartmouth University conference (United States), that term refers to simulating human intelligence using machines, that simple and that complicated. However, already Ctesibius of Alexandria (250 BC) had built the first self-controlled machine.The two major areas in which artificial intelligence established its path are robotics and computing.When we talk about the concept of AI we basically understand that it is when a machine imitates the “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as: perceiving, reasoning, learning and solving problems autonomously.Scientists Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define artificial intelligence as “the ability of a system to correctly interpret external data, to learn from such data, and to use that knowledge to achieve specific tasks and goals through flexible adaptation.”In this way we can affirm that in order of difficulty, artificial intelligence has to resemble human intelligence in these three concepts:

Learning. It would be about acquiring knowledge and information, as well as the rules to be able to apply them. Therefore, understanding that intelligence needs prior knowledge was one of the first discoveries of artificial intelligence.Reasoning. These rules and knowledge should be used to reach approximate or definitive conclusions.Self-correction. A machine endowed with artificial intelligence must be able to identify its own errors and discard those forms of action or conclusions in the future.The fields in which AI is mostly used today on a daily basis are economics, medicine, engineering, transportation, communications and the military, and it has been used in a wide variety of software applications , strategy games, such as chess by computer, and other video games. Therefore, De Phone Number intelligence is already present in our lives Smartphone mobile phones use AI to achieve a product that is as personalized as possible.b. Virtual assistants (Siri, Alexa, Home Pod…) that answer questions, give recommendations and help organize the agenda and tasks.2) Automatictranslations Language translation software, whether based on written or spoken text, uses artificial intelligence to provide and improve translations. It also applies to features such as automatic captions.3) Internet shopping and advertising managementPersonalized recommendations for users, based, for example, on their previous searches and purchases or other online behavior. AI is very important in commerce, to optimize products, organize inventory or logistics processes.4) Smart houses, cities and infrastructureThere we have the smart thermostats that learn from human behavior to save energy (for example, smart air conditioning), or the designers of smart cities (Smart City) hope to be able to regulate traffic through AI to improve connections and reduce bottlenecks. Here we could include everything related to the Internet of Things (everyday appliances such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, etc. connected to the Internet).

5) Internet searches Searchengines learn from the large amount of data that their users provide to provide relevant search results. Those who have not noticed when they have searched, for example, mountain bike, they do not stop appearing on their device ads for this product.6) CybersecurityAI is key to recognizing and fighting against cyberattacks and other online threats based on the data they continuously receive, recognizing patterns and preventing such attacks.7) VehiclesThe ideal example would be that of autonomous vehicles but they are not yet widespread; however, cars already use security functions driven by Artificial Intelligence. For example, the vision-based driving assistance system VI-DAS, which detects possible dangerous situations and accidents, or everything related to navigation is largely based on AI.8) Fight against misinformation (fake news)Some AI applications can detect fake news and disinformation by extracting information from social networks, searching for sensational or alarming words and identifying which online sources are considered authoritative.9) HealthResearchers use AI to analyze large amounts of health data to find patterns that could lead to new medical discoveries and other ways to improve individual diagnoses.For example, researchers developed an AI program that responded to emergency calls that detected cardiac arrests faster than a doctor could.AI could anticipate natural disasters, enable adequate preparedness, and reduce their consequences. Processing huge amounts of data and pattern recognition are important for this. Now we talk about Big Data.DO YOU SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER?Good information, from which it makes you grow. The one that gives you the advice you need.Yes I wantTHE ROLE OF BIG DATA IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEArtificial intelligence and Big Data (Big Data) have in common that they must get the most out of the huge data management that we generate today.In this way, we could say that Big Data refers to the storage and processing of massive amounts of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that once organized provide valuable information for organizations and companies. Therefore, it is one of the ideal complements of artificial intelligence. Why?A. AI needs data to build its intelligence, the more data it accesses the more machines can learn and the more efficient and accurate the results will be.B. Artificial intelligence continuously feeds on data to continue its learning and thus requires less human intelligence.C. Such a huge amount of data would not have the value that they have without artificial intelligence models, capable of unlocking the potential of these data warehouses and transforming them into intelligence.

D. Perfecting AI systems to generate human brain-like behaviors requires millions of data samples broken down in a format that AI systems can understand.E. Human intuition needs to combine with artificial intelligence to advance in an increasingly competitive business and institutional environment. The machines that are the fruit of artificial intelligence will continue to learn from data, as well as from humans, to fully fulfill their role.RISKS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEWe are already seeing that artificial intelligence has many benefits for the business world and even in everyday life, however, experts warn that as this artificial intelligence is transferred to what they call a strong AI, things can change, for example, in the event that the AI ​​system becomes better than humans in all cognitive tasks. This is nothing new, even Stephen Hawking has already noticed .According to AI experts, it is very difficult for a machine to present hatred or love, but, let’s say, for a machine to be prepared to do something catastrophic or to be programmed to do something beneficial, but develop a destructive method to achieve that positive goal. . The machine will try to do good, which is its goal, but to do so, it can unleash evil first (the end justifies the means).

Or the case that one of these machines falls into the hands of a political leader and their objective is to control the world in any way, sounds like science fiction, but eminent scientists who are experts in physics and other modalities that support AI are already warning us of it. And as someone says it is difficult to have an optimistic vision reviewing the history of humanity.Another negative consequence of AI is that the technological gap increases between the countries of the world and the finding is that since the advent of this discipline, poor states have become poorer.We will talk next about the risk of job loss as a result of intelligence, because it is not so clear that this is the case.AI, A GREAT FUTURE FOR WORKAccording to a Linkedin study, AI contrary to what is thought, that artificial intelligence, with its robots and intelligent machines, destroys thousands of jobs, experts predict that thousands of people will also be needed in this field to be able to expand as anticipated. It is predicted that IA will have a growth in labor terms of 76%, to which we must add that the jobs that are going to grow the most are also related to it, such as Salesforce developers, Custome Secess specialists, robotics engineers or specialists in cybersecurity.Therefore, all the jobs that orbit around artificial intelligence will be the most demanded by companies, which does not mean that non-specialized employment will also be destroyed since their work will be replaced by robots or intelligent machines. Ultimately it is the history of humanity itself whenever a technological advance is discovered, there is the history and the arguments that predicted chaos and poverty with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution, for example.Practical examples of the application of artificial intelligenceHere we have a series of cases in which artificial intelligence is used, they are varied, some local and others global.Artificial intelligence system that complements the insurance expert. They have developed tools that allow claims to be managed telematically and, to a certain extent, automated. According to its CEO Unai Bravo in Gananzia: Ubiquos automatically detects damage to vehicles. With artificial vision techniques and a very complete database of car photographs, the system is able to detect even the smallest mark and then measure it.This new technology is already in operation and has made it possible to offer a new risk verification service before taking out insurance.

Smart air conditioningAI is a constant in home automation, so it is available in the thermostat market that based on historical consumption and data provided such as our location, the exact time of sunrise, how many clouds are in the sky or the degree of pollution of the city successfully predict what time the heating should be turned on. All this controlled by our voice.Amazon Doesn’t Amazon seem to know everything about us related to tastes and needs? This happens thanks to the use of complex techniques of artificial intelligence and information analysis, more interaction, more knowledge about the user. If there is a company that we use that relies on AI for its success, it is Amazon.Artificial intelligence is present in the economy, medicine, engineering, transportation, communications, military, software applications, strategy games, such as computer chess, and other video games.SpotifyAnd what about the most famous streaming music platform today? How can Spotify match our musical tastes or know that right now I would like to hear the latest song from a certain artist?How its successful algorithm intervenes in our day to day to make decisions or recommend its famous automatic recommendation lists, based on a plugin installed on our computer and mobile so that it assimilates all the songs that passed through the player.In addition, Spotify uses natural language processing models that work by analyzing the text that appears all over the web to find out what they say about similar songs and artists. Finally, it analyzes the audio tracks themselves to determine which ones have the same acoustic characteristics, instruments, etc., from there Spotify deduces that if you like Bruce Springsteen you may also want to listen to Bob Seger.Shadow, app to find lost dogsIt works in collaboration with numerous organizations in defense of the country’s animals and uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze the photographs of lost dogs with the images uploaded by volunteers and workers of veterinary centers and kennels. With these images, the app will compare the databases of centers for lost animals, and will be able to determine if there is a pet in them that may be the one the user is looking for. Determine with 95% accuracy if the lost pet matches the one in the photo.

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