Are you losing a lot of followers on Twitter? Don’t worry it’s general

What’s happening on Twitter in recent weeks? Are you losing Twitter followers?

These are the questions that dozens of Twitter users are asking us every day because they are seeing how their accounts lose followers every day.

On other occasions the same thing Twitter has alerted us of its decision to close million accounts, as happened has happened and n 2018 where Twitter made cleaning accounts bots and published in an official blog post, but Guatemala Mobile Database this time to the less than At the moment, the cleaning that is being carried out has not been officially communicated.

Twitter followers drop

What is clear is that since May 7, accounts, especially those with thousands of followers, are dropping alarmingly.

More than one user has told me that his account drops at the rate of 100 daily followers and does not stop, so it seems that this cleaning is going to be even more important than the previous one. For example, my account in 2018 dropped about 700 followers at once, all of them were accounts that followed me and were suspended or were bots ( I have never bought followers ), this time the decrease is not seen in a single day but in a constant daily decrease.

Almost all of us who have been on Twitter for many years use applications like Audiense that help us analyze our communities and we have been observing how in recent months our accounts have different irregularities:

The sustained normal growth of recent years has been gradually paralyzing since 2020 (something strange when it is assumed that throughout 2020 the use of social networks increased)
Throughout January, February 2021 slow growth remained constant
You’re losing Twitter followers

In March and April 2021, growth continues with small losses that could be simply unfollows, something normal because there are always those who stop following you and there are days when you publish an unfortunate tweet and dozens of users stop following your account.

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But as of May, the daily drops are between 20/30 constant followers on my account, although there are users who have told me that the drops in their accounts reach 100 daily followers. Others claim to have lost more than 650 followers in the last week.

Fall of Twitter followers

And what are these widespread declines due to?

Although there is no official statement from Twitter, everything suggests that the platform is once again in the process of eliminating fake accounts or bots.

Possibly this new cleaning may be related to the new opening of account verification requests that Twitter has recently announced , perhaps because the last time they verified accounts, some that should not be sneaked in, or also because in this way they prevent anyone from meta bots in Twitter Spaces, the new bet of Twitter that when fully developed can even definitively defeat Clubhouse.

If this is confirmed and they are eliminating bot accounts that follow Brother Cell Phone List users who have never bought them, we will see how the accounts of politicians and celebrities will have much wider drops since the vast majority have bought thousands of followers over the last few years . If the accounts of all those who have ever bought followers more than one of these politicians of all parties and celebrities were eliminated, they would disappear from the Twitter world;)

It is true that on other occasions when we went to our analytics tools, many accounts appeared as blocked or suspended, on the other hand, now many of them are active accounts, so it makes us doubt whether it could also be a technical problem with Twitter.

So far I have analyzed more than 100 accounts of different professional users from different sectors with thousands of followers and all of them are having the same behavior, generalized drops of between 600 and 800 followers in less than a month.

If this is your case, do not worry because it is a general decline.

I will be aware of the explanations that Twitter offers in the coming days to share it with you.

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