Are consumer purchases really influenced by showrooming?


One of the big issues that generate more doubts and more complaints among those responsible for physical stores is showrooming. Store managers complain that consumers have started going to physical stores simply to see the products, as if they were a showcase. Once there they take out their mobile, compare with the internet and buy online instead of taking the product in front of them. But are Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  really so marked by showrooming? Are mobiles simply a tool to see what is on the web when you are in a physical store? Or do we actually look for product information at all times and no matter where we are or what we have in front of us?A study by the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan has focused on analyzing how consumers respond to what they are seeing in physical stores in mobile times and also on establishing whether consumers are really so marked by showrooming .”It’s popular wisdom that people use their cell phones for showrooming, but it seems that consumers are doing much more than that,” explains Puneet Manchanda, the professor leading the study.The first conclusion they have drawn is that consumers do not necessarily need to be in the store to use their mobile phones to search for a product. The study has focused on the usage patterns of a very popular application in Germany to establish how consumers deal with the search for products and at what times they do it (to establish whether or not they were doing it while the stores were open and therefore while they were looking at the products in those physical stores).

Consumers are not limited to a moment or a space. Product information search guidelines state that there is not really a direct relationship between stores and consumer research. The users of the app – which serve as a sample of consumers in general – seek information at all times and at any time, which shows that they do not need to physically have the product in front of them to do so. In fact, according to the study data, consumers search for products in the same way on Sundays (when stores are closed) as on business days (when they may be showrooming).Information has an effect on the weight of the priceWhat are consumers looking for when they turn to the internet to find out about a product? According to the study data, there are three big points where consumers want more information and more details. On the one hand, they look for data on the physical characteristics of the products (which can also help to show that they are not necessarily in a store looking at the product: if you have it in front of you, you do not need to know what it is like). On the other hand, consumers are looking for information about the price and also what other consumers are saying about the product, especially opinions.And, curiously, the effect that those opinions have goes beyond a good opinion pushing them to buy the product. Actually, you could say that information in general has an effect on how we view products. According to the conclusions of the study, the more details there are and the more information the De Phone Number can access, the interest they give to certain sensitive points when making their purchasing decisions varies.Price is always a very important element in making purchasing decisions, but the weight that this information has on these specific purchasing decisions is variable. The more information the consumer has about a product (the more information in general about the product they have), the less importance they will give to questions related to price.

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