And LinkedIn?

Does our presence on this social network really matter?
Santiago, Chile.- LinkedIN came onto the network almost 10 years ago, as a social network to establish work contacts. And although at first its growth was quite gradual, the latest official measurements that the same company communicated to the world a few months ago, indicated that, at that date, it had more than 161 million members throughout the planet.

As of today, it is estimated that in Chile, just over 222 thousand people have a LinkedIn account, although not all of them are active, which shows that our interest in this social network does not compare with what we show Kenya Phone Number List daily on other sites like Facebook or Twitter. The probable reason is that these last two networks are not necessarily linked to work, but rather fulfill their role as an interactive bridge for social relations with the community.

Despite the above, some companies are beginning to give more importance to LinkedIn, because it is emerging as an interesting business network and marketing strategies include it as a good way to be present in the market and, at the same time, to observe to the competition.

Does our presence on this social network really matter? (judge yourself)

According to the LinkedIn report , two new members join every second, which greatly expands users’ professional networks.
The United States leads the membership with more than 57 million users and Europe registers more than 34 million approximately. When has it been easier than now to establish contact with companies of the former economic powers?
Last year there were 4.2 million searches of professionals on the platform
Professionals who actively use the network are recent Phone Number List graduates or people who have left their jobs (or been fired from them) and are looking for new opportunities. Companies are increasingly attentive to the supply of professionals in this network.
Although the network is basic in terms of applications, the search is simple and effective, while groups are an interesting tool to establish ties that can lead to new opportunities.
LinkedIn is the 36th most visited site in the world.
At the end of the day, regardless of where you are , LinkedIn is a network that still has many possibilities of exploitation and not only that, who does not have a profile on this social network, for many companies and several executives, simply does not exists .

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