An R + D + I sensory experience for 2.0

Last week we were lucky enough to have Fernando Canales (Owner of the Etxanobe restaurant in Bilbao, 1 Michelin star) and Valentín Gómez Zabala (Head of R + D + I of the Sol Meliá Chain), to design The “Spring Menu” of Upcoming EatsandTwitts.


We arrived at the hotel of When Tryp Centro Norte, where it does find the R + D + I kitchen, we find a beautiful black table against the mantle, decorated with vases full of lemons and natural artichokes (it seems a lie Colombia Phone Number List What can be done with a little taste). A white tableware contrasted that fireplace WITH HIM and IN EVERY site without a container full of yogurt to make the sauces.


Around the table were placed a United Nations buffet of lettuces, SOME of which I had never seen, such as oyster leaves. On the other side of marinated salmon, grilled sardines and beef, which curiously was not chicken meat among China. Asparagus and Oil from Navarra. Sales of Smoke, rock, monosodium glutamate without heap and cups of yes crowded SO THAT WE could DO Our Mixes.

gentedeinternet The Media Journalists, Our sponsors (@ Asr71, fjabrego @, @ byuste, Trykita @, @ jmmartin20, @, @ angelcalleja, ABC, Punto Radio @ @ can reynogourmet, Tryp), were Arriving Prepared to wear a cook and prepare their own sauces, as well as how to do it without “spherified grilled shrimp” laugh That there was a nep of pending tasks, mainly those who saw how instead of getting what we promised we were gestating Alliens ”.


Fernando and Valentín Alimentos nep gave a masterful talk about bad habits and what we have in our daily diet. They told us about the “Poison” Products Many Times OEN We give our children a sin to realize what they are really eating and about the Healthy Diet to live happier years.

After ANUs copious salads EVERYONE We ​​decided on the ingredients, we were served Phone Number List as a second course ANUs Beef cheeks With pure sweet potato That melted on solitary Contact and With the fork As dessert inverted cake in a glass of. yes yes, an inverted cake, biscuit on top, in the middle flower curd of Con and orange blossom In the background an apricot compote…. terrific.


Listening to an Incredible Fernando and Valentine WAS pleasures of the UN, it seems a lie Everything We Learned in Three Hours Together.

We finished the lunch With a toast from the UN, Accepting the “EatsandTwitts menu” as Created and Approved. It will be served from All the Tryp hotels Where they will celebrate the EatsandTwitts of June in Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid and Pamplona. The one in San Sebastián will be held at El Restaurante Ni Neu.

I am sure that much we will enjoy this Special Menu I + D + I in the next EatsandTwitts.

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